Frequently Asked Questions

Hey there! I get a lot of emails every week from women asking for advice on a wide range of period-related and hormonal health issues. So I created this FAQ page to help get as many of your questions answered as possible.

1. BIRTH CONTROL – hormonal birth control side effects, how to get off hormonal birth control and different birth control options.

Side effects:
Are Birth Control Side Effects Ruining Your Life?
The Pill and Your Sex Drive
5 Things You Must Know About Hormonal Birth Control
Does the Birth Control Pill Cause Weight Gain?
Are Chronic UTI’s Killing Your Sex Life?
Huge Study Links Birth Control to Depression
Pseudotumor Cerebri – A side Effect of Progestin-Only Birth Control
Breast MRI Study Reveals Systemic Effects of IUD

Birth control options + how to get off hormonal birth control:
Birth Control Options 101
Get Off the Birth Control Pill the Right Way
How To Practice FAM: The Fertility Awareness Method
Daysy Fertility Monitor: Is It Right for You?Why Lena Dunham is Wrong About Birth Control
Can the Copper IUD Harm Your Health & Fertility?

Is the Ava Fertility Bracelet Right for You?
A Natural Alternative to Hormonal Birth Control
How Does the Mirena IUD Work and Is It Right For Me?

2. NATURAL HORMONE BALANCING & FERTILITY – food, supplements and stress management to balance hormones naturally and improve fertility.

What is Estrogen Dominance?
How To Detox Estrogen: Cleanse Your Liver
Causes + Solutions for Adult Acne
Cholesterol is Great for Hormones!
Bone Broth: The Most Fertile Food
Two Awesome Solutions for Low Progesterone
What is Methylated Folate + MTHFR
3 Superstar Supplements to Improve Ovulation & Your Period
Does Vitex Work for Your Hormones & Fertility?
How Blood Sugar Affects Your Hormone Levels
Protecting Your Ovarian Reserve: How to Preserve Your Fertility As You Age
Natural Ways To Improve Your Fertility
7 Surprising Reasons Women Lose Their Hair
MTHFR: What Is It and Why you Should Know for the Sake of Your Fertility
Is Sugar Destroying Our Children’s Future Fertility?
The Naked Truth: Protein Powders
Vitamin D: The Period Vitamin
Adaptogenic Herbs for Women’s Hormonal Health
Broccoli Extracts – DIM, I3C or SGS – Which One to Use?
How to Prevent Ovarian Cysts
How Your Gut Health Affects Your Progesterone
Vitamin C for Your Cycle

3. STRESS + YOUR HORMONES – the effects of psychological stress on our sex hormones.

My Personal Story with Stress – how I ended up in the hospital (it’s a good read!)
How Stress And Cortisol Can Affect Your Period – cortisol + it’s connection to your sex hormones
Top Supplements + Herbals for Stressed Out Women
Fat, Fatigued or Forgetful: Here’s Why
Why We Sleep in Separate Beds Sometimes – my take on the benefits of sleeping separately
Why Modern Women Need to Rethink Stress
Are you Missing The Miracle of Your Existence?
Anxiety: The Word of the Day
How Stress Affects Your Menstrual Cycle
Overlooked Sources Of Stress

4. THYROID HEALTH + YOUR HORMONES – how your thyroid affects your sex hormones.

How to Test Your Thyroid
How Hypothyroid Affects Your Period
How Hyperthyroid Affects Your Period
The Link Between Gluten And Autoimmune Conditions
How Your Thyroid Can Cause Period and Fertility Problems

5. ALL ABOUT PERIODS + THE MENSTRUAL CYCLE – learn everything you ever wanted to know about your period and menstrual cycle.

How Long Should Your Period Really Be?
What’s Your Period Really Supposed to Look Like
How to Lengthen Your Luteal Phase
Periods and Poops: How Your Cycle Impacts your Digestive System
Does Your Period Start, Stop, then Start Again?Help! Why am I Spotting?
The Four Phases of the Menstrual Cycle
The Best Period Tracking Apps
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Heavy Periods
How Your Menstrual Cycle Affects Your Weight
10 Weird Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Period
Why We Need to Put an End to Period Shame
Does Being Vegan Affect Your Period?
Histamine Intolerance and Your Period
You Only Ovulate Once Per Cycle
How Ovulation Works and Why It’s So Important
Low Progesterone: Why it happens and what you can do about it
How The Menstrual Cycle Affects Blood Sugar & Insulin Regulation
The Menstrual Life Cycle: Puberty through Menopause

6. NO PERIODS/AMENORRHEA + IRREGULAR PERIODS & SPORADIC OVULATION – learn the causes and basic solutions for missing & irregular periods and irregular ovulation.

Has Your Period Gone Missing?
Amenorrhea Causes – Has Your Period Gone Missing? – are you experiencing amenorrhea (periods missing for more than 3 months)?
Is Seed Cycling For You? – seed cycling is great for low estrogen/progesterone + irregular cycles.
What to Do When Your Period is Late
5 Surprising Things that Can Stop Ovulation and Impair Fertility
What do PCOS, High Prolactin Levels and Premature Ovarian Failure Have in Common?
Common (But Surprising) Causes of Irregular Periods

7. PCOS – learn about PCOS causes & tips/practices to help address many of the symptoms of this condition.

The PCOS Protocol: The Main Cause of PCOS and Tips to Treat It Naturally

8. HORMONE MYTH BUSTING – just a little myth busting fun for you!

Hormone Myth Busting, Part 1
Hormone Myth Busting, Part 2

9. IRREGULAR BLEEDING/SPOTTING – do you spot at different times in your cycle (ovulation, before or after your period) and don’t know what it means?

Help! Why Am I Spotting? – the various causes of spotting and how to start fixing it.
The Effect of Antibiotics On Your Period – they can cause irregular bleeding and delay your period.
Does Your Period Start, Stop, then Start Again?

10. PMS SYMPTOMS + PAINFUL PERIODS – dealing with PMS symptoms, super painful cramps, ovulatory pain or pelvic pain in general? Check these posts out.

The Best Natural Organic Period Products: Cups, Panties, Tampons & Pads
Should You Steam Your Vagina?
MTHFR: What Is It + Why You Should Know for the Sake of Your Fertility
The Omega 6/Omega 3 Connection to Painful Periods
Debilitating or Dull Throbbing Headache – Why does this happen?
Castor Oil for Menstrual Health & Fertility
My Top Three Fixes for Cramps
Living with Endometriosis – The Real Causes and Natural Solutions
How to Fix Your PMS
The Best Natural Period Pain Solutions
Herbal Tea For Menstrual Cramps
Cod Liver Oil to Improve your Period
The Real Reason Your Breasts are Sore Before Your Period
Postmenstrual Syndrome: When PMS Hits After Your Period
How to Take Your Life Back From PMDD


How To Test Your Thyroid
How To Test Your Vitamin D Levels
The Best Time In Your Cycle to Test Your Progesterone Levels


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The Connection Between Your Dental Health & Your Hormones
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Maya Abdominal Massage
Does Period Underwear Really Work?
I May Have Crohn’s Disease, Now What?
Three Things that Save Me from Crashing & Burning During the Holidays
Postpartum Depression: What Every New Mom Should Know
What to Do When Sex Kinda (or Really) Hurts
What’s Your Period Story & Why it Matters
My Boobs are Pretty Photogenic – What About Yours?
EMFs Effect on Your Menstrual Cycle
Optimize Your Circadian Rhythm To Support Your Menstrual Cycle