I think it’s safe to say that almost ALL of us have been there! Curled up in bed with the worst cramps in the world, feeling like you just wanna die. I was that girl who used to throw up because my cramps were so bad…so trust me, I get it.  Here are three of my top (not necessarily scientifically proven) fixes for your worst cramps.

1. Hot water bottle – This may seem old-fashioned but girls, it works! Go get yourself a hot water bottle and get rid of your heating pads – the electricity circulating in them can actually make cramps worse. Menstrual period pain is partly caused by a temporary reduction in blood flow to the uterus which activates pain receptors in that area. A hot water bottle naturally increases blood circulation to your uterus, greatly reducing the cramping of the muscles. Get a super cute one like mine below!

2. Tampons vs. Pads – I already know what you’re thinking. There is no way you’re going to re-live your high school  pad-wearing days! That’s pretty much what I thought when I first discovered that my tampons might be causing more pain. Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence that proves tampons can worsen cramps so I decided to do my own little experiment a couple of months ago. I sucked it up and used pads instead of tampons and whoa! There was a drastic difference in the length of time my cramps lasted, where I felt them and the severity and intensity of them. Could it be that tampons block the “flow” and this makes the muscles work (cramp) harder? Not sure what it is but if you are suffering this is a must-try experiment!

3. Orgasms – Yup, I said it.  Having an orgasm is one of the best ways to seriously reduce or eliminate cramps within minutes. I know right, who knew?  There are three reasons: First, endorphins released by your body during sex and masturbation can increase your tolerance of pain by as much as 70 percent. It makes sense, especially when you think about how a headache seems to magically go away when you have sex!  Second, the flexing and contracting of muscles during orgasm apparently reduces the intensity of cramps. Third, blood flow to your lady parts increases during sex or masturbation and this of course helps reduce muscle cramping. In this case you may want to handle matters on your own because sex while on your period is not everyone’s cup of tea 🙂

Sooo, have any of you had success with any of these remedies?  Or do you have better ones?  Of course I really want to hear about number 3! xoxo