New Study Findings:

“Intrauterine contraceptive devices appeared to have systemic effects on the body akin to those associated with hormone replacement therapy.⁠

Although women have previously reported experiencing adverse events after receiving an intrauterine contraceptive device (IUD) that were similar to adverse events associated with oral hormonal replacement, “manufacturers claim that IUDs have a purely local effect on the uterus.”

Our study results suggest that this is not true.”

According to the press release, this study was conducted after it was observed that women using a hormonal IUD often had higher background parenchymal enhancement on contrast-enhanced breast MRIs. Background parenchymal enhancement is a sensitive marker of hormone levels.

For anyone who has had a hormonal IUD and experienced side effects but were told this wasn’t possible due to IUDs only acting “locally” on the uterus, here is your proof that you’re not crazy. 🤯⁠

This study shows that it’s time to stop the medical gaslighting of women and menstruating people who experience full body side effects while they are using the hormonal IUD.

What has your experience been with the hormonal IUD? Let me know below!

🚫 Disclaimer: this article is not me saying you should not use an IUD. I’m simply sharing information that is pertinent to those who have used one, are currently using one or are considering one.⁠

This is to give you information you need to make a fully informed medical decision. Please speak with your doctor for further information.

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