Do you partake in “dry January”, a popular month for sobriety? 

Are you sober or sober curious? 

Alcohol negatively impacts our hormone health. It just does, that’s the hard truth! 

Simply put, our liver and gut health are essential for balanced thriving sex hormones. When our organs are working overtime to clear out toxins (yes, alcohol), they become overburdened, leading to issues with our detoxification pathways and symptoms of estrogen dominance.  

Whether it’s a new year’s intention to reduce or eliminate alcohol in general, or you just want to take a breather from it this Jan, I wanted to share some AMAZING resources with you. 

Dry January Resources




  • Curious Elixirs – I just tried these for the first time recently… so good!! 
  • Katy Perry’s De Soi “rose” (there are many other flavor options as well) 
  • St. Agrestis – the “Phony Negroni” is my fave but make sure you eat for balanced blood sugar beforehand because it is pretty sugary!
  • Ghia starter pack – YUM
  • Organic Olivia’s Herbal Mocktails for some recipe inspo. I love her “GlucoBitters.” Use code PERIOD for 10% off anything on her site (one time use) 
  • For even more fun mocktail ideas check Holistic Rendesvous on IG. Her drinks are beautiful!
  • MY go-to mocktail lately:
    • Frozen raspberries
    • Mint or basil pieces
    • Juice of 1/2 a lime
    • Crushed ice
    • Something & Nothing Hibiscus Rose Premium Soda
    • Avec hibiscus and pomegranate premium carbonated drink
    • Lime and mint to garnish