Do you run around like a mad woman during this time of year?

Holiday parties, work events, your kids’ school plays and performances, Christmas present shopping, wrapping presents, finding a tree, decorating it and your house, food shopping for family events, prepping for and hosting said family events, New Years Eve…

OMG I’m dizzy just writing all that out.

We were just saying on The Period Party the other day that the silly season is no longer limited to December, when Nat mentioned that her husband’s work Christmas party was in the middle of November! So we’re now blessed with about six weeks of hormone-wrecking holiday stress each year. Good times, huh?

It’s really hard for most of us to not get sucked into it. I love a good party as much as the next girl, so I have to watch out for the crash when I finally stop, and I bet you do too.

Let’s face it, go-go-going until January 1st does not serve anyone. That’s why I have a few things to help me avoid crashing and burning during the holidays that I know will benefit you. Without these handy devices and products, I’d probably be a slightly crazy woman bankrupted by therapy bills! Haha!

Use my recommendations to ramp up your self care during the next two weeks, and come January you’ll be kicking ass on all your New Year’s resolutions and goals. Welcome to a world where the holidays without overwhelm IS possible!

HeartMath Inner Balance – tap into your own pharmacy

Have you ever wondered what stress actually looks like on a physical level in real time? Like, how your heart rate and breathing change while you’re in distress vs when you’re calm? Well, this little device that attaches to your phone, is gonna tell you all these things and more.

In the simplest sense, the HeartMath is a meditation facilitator that uses biofeedback to tell you what’s going on in your body so you can take appropriate action. You attach a clip to your ear, plug it into your phone, and start a session.

In the simplest sense, the HeartMath is a meditation facilitator that uses biofeedback to tell you what’s going on in your body so you can take appropriate action. You attach a clip to your ear, plug it into your phone, and start a session.

The software tells you to breathe (amazing how we need instructions for that!), you then think of a positive or happy event in your life, and you watch the screen go from red (distress), to blue (slight distress), to green (coherence). Coherence basically means connectedness, wholeness, consistency and efficient energy utilization – and we could all use more of that.

The HeartMath products have been rigorously tested and have been shown to reduce cortisol levels by 23% and increase DHEA (the hormone you want to be activating during stressful times), by 100%, with no other interventions!

It has helped me with chronic feelings of anxiety and overwhelm. I now feel more at ease on the regular, and can get into my high performance zone even while juggling my business, home, personal relationships and all of life’s other challenges!

Get the HeartMath Inner Balance for you or someone who you know could really benefit from less overwhelm and more whelm during this holiday season (or life in general).

Silvercillin – best flu and sinus issue buster out there

So, ya know the inevitable cold/cough/flu/sinus infection/strep throat situation that happens to damn near everyone at this time of year? Yeah, well you’re about to say goodbye to those nasties with Silvercillin. That probably sounds like an exaggeration, or even a lame advertisement but it really isn’t! 🙂

I had my first ever sinus infection earlier this year. Everyone said I needed antibiotics but a few of my functional MD friends highly recommended Silvercillin, which I had never heard of, but promptly bought.


It’s silver mixed with water in such a way that the two never separate, which is superior to colloidal silver. AND, the silver particles are small enough to get into a single red blood cell – which means virus and bacteria busting at the source!

In fact, I was so impressed when I read the following information on the Designs For Health website, that I decided it was a must-share with you…

“The active ingredient in Silvercillin™ has been shown to inhibit and/or kill an extensive array of harmful bacteria including MRSA (methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus), which can be deadly. A Brigham Young University report found this silver to be effective at killing every pathogenic bacterium it was tested against at less than 10 ppm. Among this list were salmonella and E. coli (food poisoning), Klebsiella pneumonia and oxytoca (pneumonia), Haemophilus influenza (ear infections, meningitis), Enterobacter aerogenes (UTIs), and Streptococcus mutans and gordonii (tooth decay).”

The sinus infection was gone in a week and I have not been sick this year! I literally keep this stuff stocked in my house and you should too. You have a choice of a 4oz bottle or a 16oz bottle.

Diffuser with my fave essential oils

So I’m relatively late to the essential oils revolution but am now a firm believer in the positive effect they can have on literally every area of your health. Like, whoa.

At the beginning of the year I went out and bought (well I didn’t really go anywhere, I just hit up Amazon) three cute diffusers to go with some essential oils I’d been given. And I went a little crazy, because really, when you start to smell the oils and feel them working on your mental and physical state…you just.can’t.stop.

I use doTerra oils, and my favorite morning wake-up combo is:

At this time of year when it’s dark and sometimes dreary, this oil combo reallllly helps! When I need to get motivated, boost my confidence and courage, I use the Motivate blend.

For grounding, peace, calm at anytime (especially before bed) I use:

This oil combo is essential during the holidays when it feels impossible to catch your breath.

My goal is to always provide you with solutions that are game-changers, shifters, and encouragers for the way you really want to live and feel in your life.

I know that stress and temptations abound, but the holidays don’t have to overwhelm you year after year. Hopefully my 3 suggestions above will help you make the most out of the season, rather than letting the season take the most out of you!

Happy holidays!