Histamine Intolerance and Ovulation aka “The other time of the month”

Written by my Spring 2018 apprentice, Courtney Titus. a Women’s Holistic Health Coach, who believes that no one should feel like they don’t understand their own body and she is here to help you understand yours. Have you noticed brain fog, bloating and migraine headaches around ovulation? It could be histamine intolerance. Throughout my wellness [...]

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PP# 121: The Keto Diet for PCOS with Clare Goodwin

This episode was brought to you by the Juju Menstrual Cup - giving you the freedom to do what you want to do. Clare Goodwin a degree qualified nutritionist and exercise scientist who helps women reverse their polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) symptoms, using evidence-based information. Using her signature program, The PCOS Protocol, Clare was able to [...]

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I’m the Woman Who…

Written by my Spring 2018 apprentice, Bek Joy. I’m the woman who: Is educated and smart Has a full-time job Runs a household Loves to exercise – from running to lifting weights to practicing yoga   I’m the woman who: Has goals Believes in standards Takes responsibility   I’m the woman who: Is proud [...]

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PP# 120: When Life Feels Stuck – How to Find Your Flow and Make Change with More Ease with Jessica Ortner

Jessica Ortner is an EFT/tapping expert, New York Times bestselling author of The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss and Body Confidence, and producer of the breakthrough documentary film, The Tapping Solution. Jessica is passionate about teaching others how to create lasting change with more ease and her new book is called The Tapping Solution [...]

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How Self Care Can Balance Your Hormones

Written by my Spring 2018 apprentice, Nicole Hegstad, this post discusses how self care can help balance your hormones. You've seen it everywhere, blog posts, Pinterest pins, Facebook lives and Instagram stories, self care is all the rage. Your best friend's toes poking out of a bubble bath, your sister and her dog hiking [...]

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Tired of Hormone Pushers?

Written by my Spring 2018 apprentice, Jill Chmielewski, this post discusses the alternative to taking hormonal birth control. If you are reading this, my guess is that you’ve been told one of the following: “You need hormonal birth control to resolve your hormonal imbalances.” “You would benefit from hormonal birth control to get you [...]

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PP# 118: Manage your PCOS like a Diva with Amy Medling

Amy Medling is the best-selling author of Healing PCOS and a certified health coach who specializes in working with women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). Amy is the founder of PCOS Diva and she’s developed a proven protocol of supplements, diet, and lifestyle programs that offer women tools to help gain control of their [...]

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Replenishing Joy after IVF

Written by my Spring 2018 apprentice, Sara Lopez, this post discusses tips  for bouncing back after one or multiple unsuccessful IVF cycles. After 3 unsuccessful IVF cycles, I was angry, disappointed, frustrated, and embarrassed about telling friends and family it didn’t work.  I was sad that my lifelong goal seemed to slip away from [...]

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PP# 117: What’s a Pelvic Physical Therapist and Why You May Need One with Lindsey Vestal

Lindsey Vestal is the owner of The Functional Pelvis, a private practice specializing in pelvic floor therapy “house calls” for pre and postnatal women in New York City. She has dedicated her career to empowering women to find relief from conditions such as bowel and urinary incontinence, constipation, painful sex, pelvic pain, prolapse and [...]

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