PP# 166: Pros, Cons and Myths of Food Sensitivity Testing with Christa Biegler

Christa Biegler is an award-winning dietitian nutritionist, online educator, and host of The Less Stressed Life podcast. She specializes in gut health-related issues, such as IBS and IBD, eczema, fatigue and auto-immune conditions in private practice and she is the creator of The Less Stressed Approach to Eczema and Fast Track to Fabulous Food [...]

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PP# 164: PCOS Do’s and Don’ts with Farrar Duro

Farrar Duro is a board-certified acupuncture physician who practices reproductive acupuncture and functional medicine. After overcoming her struggles with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and endometriosis using a combination of traditional Chinese medicine and other natural methods, she founded The PCOS Revolution Academy™. This path led her to pursue advanced pregnancy training in the Arvigo Techniques [...]

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How to Prevent Ovarian Cysts

Did you know that many women have ovarian cysts that occur each and every month? And that in most cases they are actually just the follicles your eggs are housed in? They grow and shrink, often times without anyone’s knowledge. Usually just as a part of the normal ovulation cycle, follicles on your ovaries [...]

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PP# 163: Stress: An Invitation to Level Up Your Hormones and Fertility with Ali Shapiro

Ali Shapiro is the creator of Truce with Food, host of the top-ranked podcast Insatiable, a holistic nutritionist, integrated health expert, and rebel with a serious cause. She created her Truce with Food method while in graduate school where she drew from her decade-plus of working with real-life clients and her healing journey from [...]

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