Stress & your fertility – taking a mind/body approach

Written by my Fall 2015 apprentice, Lynn Doak, this post is discusses the true impact of stress (mental, physical, emotional) on our fertility, along with evidence of the effectiveness of a mind/body approach.   Stress has become an accepted part of our lifestyle. For many it is our norm. We don’t know any other way of life. We [...]

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Making the case for period underwear

Menstrual products of the past and present I remember in high school when I switched from pads to tampons. I lived on a Caribbean island, and not being able to take my shorts off at the beach on weekends was becoming a real drag. Oh, the woes of teenage-dom. Tampons served their purpose for many [...]

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Adaptogenic Herbs for Women’s Hormonal Health

Today I'm talking all about adaptogenic herbs. And I am psyched to introduce you to my dear friend Dr. Aviva Romm, a midwife, a Yale-trained MD, a herbalist, mother, grandmother and now author! She's even a mentor in my upcoming Apprenticeship Program, (learn all about it in this free video series here).   Basically she's a genius, but [...]

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I may have Crohn’s Disease – now what?

Tomorrow I find out if I have Crohn’s disease. I know, way to close out 2016 with a bang huh?   It’s actually not the first time I’ve come up against a possible Crohn’s diagnosis. You see, I suffered with chronic digestive health issues from the time I was 15 years old. And, when I [...]

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3 things that save me from crashing and burning during the holidays

Do you run around like a mad woman during this time of year? Holiday parties, work events, your kids’ school plays and performances, Christmas present shopping, wrapping presents, finding a tree, decorating it and your house, food shopping for family events, prepping for and hosting said family events, New Years Eve… OMG I’m dizzy just [...]

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24 practices to get you through the crazy holiday season!

A week ago I went to see Stevie Nicks at Madison Square Garden. The Pretenders opened for her, and it was a killer concert. I'm dating myself, but Fleetwood Mac was my FAVORITE in high school. Anyway, the point is that sitting there in a stadium of 20,000 people watching Stevie Nicks and Chrissie Hynde (two [...]

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Everything you ever wanted to know about heavy periods

Menorrhagia - doesn’t that word sound like some crazy illness or disease? Like, “Whoa, you have menorrhagia, that could be serious girl!” Menorrhagia is in fact, just the fancy term for “heavy periods”, which aren’t exactly life threatening, but can put a serious damper on life activities! I used to have horribly heavy periods when [...]

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Mental Training Tools for Balanced Hormones with Megan Kelly

On this episode of The Period Party, Nat & Nicole talk with Megan Kelly, Nutrition Practitioner and Licensed Esthetician specializing in neurobiology and quantum hormonology. Here are the highlights of what we cover during this episode: Which emotions put you in a Sympathetic (fight/flight) state, and how to move back into a Parasympathetic (calm) state. The most common [...]

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