What is Methylated Folate?

For years I took a B Complex vitamin and had no idea what those B vitamins were actually responsible for. I mean, besides folate (vitamin B9) do you know what all the different B's actually do? Well, I'm gonna tell ya and it might totally blow your mind. Who knew a vitamin lesson could [...]

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Your biggest question:

When someone signs up for my mailing list I send out an email asking a couple of questions because I want to know what my tribe really needs. Here is what I ask: 1. What aspect(s) of your health are you most concerned about? 2. What do you want to learn or know? 3. How [...]

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Demystifying the Thyroid Pt 1

Oh the thyroid. Tons of women ask me all the time about this lovely little butterfly-shaped gland and how they can make sure she is in top-top shape. Symptoms such as unexplained weight gain, depression, amenorrhea, low sex drive, PMS, excessive menstrual bleeding, aches and pains, chronic colds and illnesses, hair loss, brittle hair, dry skin and [...]

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What’s Your Period Story?

Do you know what day of the month it is? More importantly, do you know what day of your menstrual cycle you’re on? If you’re like many women, you are probably pretty mystified by your period and cycle in general, so you’re not alone if you don’t know. I used to be that girl. At [...]

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Eat Fat Be Lean

Yup, you read right. That is the title of my beautiful and multi-talented friend Natalie Kringoudis' soon-to-be-released book. It comes on the heels of her wildly successful first book, Eat Fat Be Thin, in which (you guessed it!) she tells you why you NEED fat in your diet. She also includes lots of divine, healthy [...]

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Vitamin D: The Period Vitamin

This past week I worked on a health immersion hosted by Whole Foods for it's employees. Whole Foods is the only company in the country that provides it's employees with an opportunity to turn their lives around in a week-long immersion of seriously healthy food and self-care practices. How totally cool is that? Can [...]

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Hormone Balance & Your Liver Function

I talk a lot about the liver in my daily life! A lot of women don’t realize that their livers play an integral role in their hormonal health. Let’s put it this way…if you’re hormones are all whacked out, then it’s most likely that your liver is not feeling so hot. Here’s why: Your liver [...]

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The Cortisol Connection

It has been a huge week for me and it's only Wednesday! On Monday afternoon I spoke live on the Infertility 2 Pregnancy Virtual Summit and then spoke on a panel event called "The Balancing Act of an Entrepreness." Apparently I can talk about this stuff all day long! :) Upon reflection, I realized [...]

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Are you estrogen dominant?

It happens every month exactly 7-10 days before your period. The week from hell. You start to brace yourself because you know it so well. Your boobs are swollen and getting bigger by the minute. Your muffin top seems to have taken on a life of it's own. You've got a case of "the bloat" [...]

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