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Over the years I’ve read your messages and listened to everything you’ve had to say – what you’re struggling with, what you want to learn and how I can truly help.  It is my mission in life to help you translate the language your body is speaking. Because I believe you and your lady parts are simply not broken.

Yes, you’re dealing with a health challenge right now, but this challenge is your body communicating to you that she needs some assistance.  That’s it! I know it sounds simple but if you’ve ever tried to learn a new language, you know that it ain’t that easy! 😉 Trust me, I’ve been there. I spent years in and out of doctor’s offices, being mis-diagnosed with pretty serious conditions and ultimately getting nothing!

I hear that from women like you all the time, “no one can figure out what is wrong with me and I have no idea what to do!!” So where do you begin? And how do you start learning the words and phrases of your body’s language?   For starters, you can check out my newest 8-week program that I’ve just launched, the Fix Your Period: PMS program!

In this program I use a step-by-step process in which I focus on FIVE crucial pillars of your hormonal health that are all based on the latest research. 

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AND I’ve got FOUR really good reasons for you to snap this program up immediately:

  • There are only 50 spots available in this course – the reason it’s so limited is because our support team just isn’t big enough to handle more that 50 people at a time.
  • You’re getting $97 off the total cost of the course if you buy it by July 28th. Yeah girl that’s right, a 30% discount! I’m good like that.
  • I am giving you THREE live group calls with me during this 8-week course, for free! Our first one will be on August 4th.
  • AND finally, the program registration closes on Thursday July 31st or when it fills up! Eeeks!

I’ve even got a kick-ass video for you to check out too!! If you think PMS doesn’t affect you, you might be surprised by what I have to share. It’s only two minutes so it won’t take up too much of your time 🙂

The best part is I’m going to support you on your journey and guide you along the way in our group calls and the private Facebook community. I’ll be there with you showing you everything you need to know and answering all your questions.

Look, I don’t know if there’s ever a “right” time to make an important life change. But I do know it’s worth you watching this and deciding to take the next step now versus later.  Every day with the status quo is a day you’ll never get back. It’s your time! See you there!


Hit me with your best questions below about the program so I can help you get the answers you need and get started.