When someone signs up for my mailing list I send out an email asking a couple of questions because I want to know what my tribe really needs. Here is what I ask:

1. What aspect(s) of your health are you most concerned about?
2. What do you want to learn or know?
3. How can I help you?

When I first implemented this practice I had no idea how profound these three little questions were! Over the years I’ve gotten some really genuine, interesting, emotional, heartbreaking answers in return and I just want to say to anyone who has written me – Thank You. We all want flow and rhythm in our lives and with our menstrual cycles and for many of us it seems like an uphill battle, if not impossible. Just know that you are heard, you are loved and you are not alone in this.

Your biggest question so far is “#2. What do you want to learn or know?” 

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Like I said above, I’ve gotten many answers but they have all been variations of one underlying theme – you all want to know how to regulate/heal your hormones so you can have/do/experience  _________________(fill in the blank). This blank is also a variation of similar issues – improved fertility, babies, a better relationship with your partner, a healthier diet, a spiritual practice, a calmer life, better exercise habits, weight loss…etc etc.

The thing is, I can write a lot of blog posts about all of these issues but most of this stuff can’t be solved by reading 500-word mini essays. Unless you have a clear vision of what vibrant health and a vibrant life looks like for you, and supportive professional guidance along the way, it is unlikely that you will get your biggest question answered. It really all comes back to you taking the leap and investing in yourself. Because only you know what’s best for YOU – no doctor or other healer can tell you this.

Okay back to the email and your biggest question. What happens next is many of you schedule consultations with me to explore how I may be able to help. By the way, I love doing consultations and getting to know each one of you – it’s a highlight in my business! During a consult I explain what I think is going on for you and I usually answer many questions that had previously gone unanswered. There is often much relief when women finally understand that there is a reason for their missing or heavy periods, lack of energy and sex drive, and fertility issues. And that they are not CRAZY! 🙂

The problem arises when it comes time to actually make the decision to really do something about these issues. Because let’s face it, these problems are merely symptoms of a deeper underlying hormonal issue and it’s up to you to fix it. Doctor’s can prescribe pills, surgery and a whole host of other procedures but  none of these will address the root cause.

We’ve never been told that we have control over our bodies and how they function. From a young age we went to the doctor when we were sick and they “fixed” us and that mindset is still deeply ingrained in many of us. So when we have exhausted our options in conventional medicine, all that’s left is to turn inward and find out what the heck is going on. And that is terrifying because we don’t trust ourselves to take care of ourselves. We’ve outsourced it for so long!

This is where I often feel a lot of resistance. Trust me, I get it. Years ago I had no idea that I could completely transform my life by empowering myself and taking back control. It’s taken me a lot of years, some very expensive training and a good deal of trial and error. But I did it and so can you! And that’s your answer right there. You can learn all this “stuff” on the internet but if you don’t have a plan on how to actually implement what you learn, then it’s useless.  

If you’re dealing with any of the problems you’ve written me about, guess what? You have the power to change them! Yes, breaking old habits and shifting behavior is not easy but is it any harder than the shit you are currently struggling with?