Top 10 Period Questions

These Are The Top 10 Period Questions I Get From Women: Question #1: How long is a normal period? In my experience, a 3-day period is the norm for many women. Ideally, I like to see a period that is about 4-5 days long. This signifies that you had adequate [...]

How To Test Your Thyroid

Oh the thyroid.Tons of women ask me all the time about this lovely little butterfly-shaped gland and how they can make sure she is in top-top shape.Our thyroids play a huge role in regulating not only our energy and metabolism but also our reproductive health. When a woman goes to her doctor about menstrual/hormonal/fertility issues, [...]

My Top 6 Birth Control Questions

My top 6 birth control questions: Question #1: What are the potential side effects of using hormonal birth control? Side effects include: Headaches Spotting Sore breasts Constipation Bloating Yeast infections Nutrient deficiencies Weight gain Low libido Mood swings Acne Read my full post on the side effects of birth control [...]

Why Women Need To Test Their Omega-3 Levels

Painful periods or discomfort associated with menstruation, otherwise known as dysmenorrhea, is the most prevalent women’s health issue in the world. It’s estimated that 50% of post-pubescent females suffer from dysmenorrhea and 10% have such painful periods that they are incapacitated for 1 – 3 days each month. This is just not right! How [...]

Histamine Intolerance and your period

So you’re probably wondering what histamines are, and what they have to do with your period right? We’re all familiar with antihistamines - those medications that stop the “itchy, sneezy, watery eyes” situations that come up mostly during allergy season or when we are allergic to another substance (other than pollen). Well, histamines are [...]

How To Test Your Vitamin D Levels

The Yale University School of Medicine did a study with 67 women suffering from infertility. Only 7 % of the study participants had normal vitamin D levels!  The rest had either insufficient levels or an actual clinical deficiency. In fact, almost 40% of the participants had clinical vitamin D deficiencies. A recent study on [...]

How To Test Your Cortisol Levels

The hormone behind most stress-related conditions is cortisol. Cortisol is released by the adrenal glands during times of stress, which is the reason it has been dubbed the “stress hormone.” The body needs cortisol to power through demanding situations, whether it’s dealing with hectic schedules and difficult bosses or a traumatic life event. Unfortunately, [...]