How Your Period Could be Hiding that You Have Hereditary Hemochromatosis

Written by my Spring 2019 apprenticeship program participant, Lizzie Alexander, this post discusses the implications of hemochromatosis, an underdiagnosed disease in women of all ages. A year ago, my husband Pete was diagnosed with hereditary hemochromatosis (HH) after getting septicaemia in Kazakhstan after an Ironman Race. Though he made a full recovery, he suffered [...]

My Journey with Lyme Disease

Written by my Spring 2019 apprenticeship participant, Vashti Kanahele, this post discusses the symptoms of Lyme and how she managed to treat it. The Beginning Complex chronic illness: Not words you want to hear in relation to your health. But those were the words coming out of my doctor’s mouth in August 2015, when [...]

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You Only Ovulate Once Per Cycle

I recently published a post on Instagram touting the benefits of the fertility awareness method as birth control.⁠ ⁠Let’s just say, the response I received made me want to laugh and cry at the same time... A few people commented saying that they were afraid to use this method because they ovulate more than [...]

My Favorite Form of Birth Control

Let's talk contraception, shall we? By the end of their reproductive years, more than 80% of US women will have used oral contraceptives at least once in their life, for an average of about 5 years. EIGHTY PERCENT OF US! FIVE YEARS! That is a lot of birth control pills! Birth Control: The Pinnacle [...]

How to Enjoy Pregnancy After Miscarriage

Written by my Spring 2019 apprenticeship program participant, Brooke Davis, this post discusses the specific challenges of pregnancy after miscarriage and how she overcame them. I just recently read a quote that said “pregnancy after miscarriage is like holding your breath for 9 months.” That resonates deeply with me, and I’m sure many other [...]