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You might be thinking how can a holistic therapy like Kinesiology and energy healing assist your menstrual cycle? 

My own personal story and many of my clients are a testament that it absolutely can.  Your body really does have the answers within to heal itself.

There are often many physical, mental, emotional and psycho-spiritual themes as well as nutritional and toxicity factors that are generally associated with the manifestation of any menstrual cycle issues. Sadly often the mental, emotional and spiritual side is not considered with mainstream western menstrual cycle care.  Kinesiology is an amazing therapy that explores the root causes of dis-ease and assists the body to release stress and blockages in order to self-heal. 

What Is Kinesiology

Kinesiology is a holistic healing modality and can best be described as a language that communicates directly to your body. 

Kinesiology uses gentle muscle-monitoring techniques through biofeedback to access the subconscious mind to gain accurate information about your current issues and which determines what is required to assist your body, mind and soul to restore to its natural balance.

The magic of Kinesiology is that you don’t need to always know the “How”,  the how to shift your energy, mindset, to heal or next steps forward, your body always has the answers within and will provide you the answers through the muscle testing. 

Kinesiology simply assists to restore your energy back to its natural state of flow – “Energy goes where attention flows”.

My Story

My health crisis woke me up. The week of my 30th birthday I hit complete rock bottom with chronic fatigue and various autoimmune diseases from not listening to my body and being a total “good girl”, yes woman, overly responsible for others and not dealing with my suppressed trauma. 

Most of my life I’ve had irregular periods and so the doctor’s solution was the pill at age 17. When I came off the pill twelve years later I was faced with the same irregular period patterns and even periods that disappeared completely!

When I started studying Kinesiology I got curious to explore alternative ways to approach my menstrual health by listening to the body, my daily energy level, emotions and symptoms. 

Kinesiology, acupuncture and journaling daily about my cycle really assist me to regulate my hormones and cycle. I started exploring the weekly cycle seasons and learning what I like to call “the women’s secret language”, our inner wisdom and guidance that our bodies hold with us, that we can all access if we make the space to stop, feel, connect and be present enough to listen. 

The Menstrual Cycle Energy

Within my clinic, I see the menstrual cycle divided into two energies: yin and yang. The feminine (yin) and masculine energy (yang).

The feminine energy is soft, fluid, allowing, and nurturing. It is sensual and emotional. Feminine energy is receptive therefore empathetic and flexible. It has the ability to go with the flow. And most of all the feminine energy is healing because it is expressed through the subtle energy realm.

Masculine energy on the other hand is focused, goal-oriented, stable, strong, structured, logical, driven, social and expressed through the physical realm.

Within the four seasons of the menstrual cycle, we also have the yin and the yang:

Yin / Feminine: Autumn and Winter 

Yang / Masculine: Spring and Summer 

Here is a table to assist you to understand the distinction between feminine and masculine.

Yin / FeminineYang / Masculine
Autumn / Winter Spring / Summer 
Grounding FoodsLight Foods
Being / StillnessDoing / Moving
Trusting / IntuitiveConfident
NurturerProblem Solver

So many women are stuck in the masculine pushing, “doing” and goal oriented energy and not enough time in the flowing, slow, resting, nurturing and “being” energy. 

For optimum menstrual cycle health all women need a harmony and balance of the yin and yang energy in their daily life. 

I have found in my kinesiology practice that there is a definite connection between problems with the menstrual cycle and unresolved emotional and spiritual issues. 

In my experience menstrual cycle issues manifests when a woman’s innermost needs for creative expression, companionship and emotional support are in competition with her outer needs of success, to fit in and tribal approval.  Many menstrual cycle issues manifest when we reject or suppress our feminine nature, neglect our need for self-nurturance, push ourselves beyond our energy reserves and lack connection with other women.  Many women are working hard and long hours under the societal conditions of the patriarchal masculine system and feel the need to suppress the inner femininity in order to compete and be ‘successful’.

For example, metaphorically the uterus is related energetically to a woman’s innermost sense of self and connection to the divine feminine and her creativity and its state of health reflects her inner emotional reality.  The health of the uterus is at risk if a woman does nurture or believe in herself, feels unsupported, overly responsible for others, is excessively self-critical or feels inadequate and unacceptable.  We may be holding on to feelings of rejection from others, especially men. 

No wonder so many women are suffering with irregular periods, PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, painful periods, PMS etc etc.  

Connecting back to the yin feminine energy, learning to feel, be enough, say no, nurture one’s needs, slow down, be powerful to create financial and emotional abundance, feel self stability, and to express creativity fully is key to a healthy menstrual cycle. 

Ways Kinesiology Can Assist Your Menstrual Cycle

In my Kinesiology practice I have assisted many women with reducing cycle pain, PMS symptoms, regulating their cycles, assisting with fertility and IVF and clearing the energy of miscarriages to name a few. 

Here are a few ways Kinesiology can assist your menstrual cycle 

  • Reconnecting back to self
  • Reconnecting with the feminine energy
  • Balancing the yin and yang energy of the body, mind and soul 
  • Understanding food sensitivities and inflammation sources 
  • Balancing the energy of the uterus and ovaries
  • Balancing the energy of the pituitary and hypothalamus 
  • Balancing the hormones of your cycle 
  • Resolving adrenal, liver and thyroid energy imbalances
  • Balancing the meridians, aura and chakras systems of the body 
  • And so much more, as each session is individualised to each client 

I highly recommend working with a Kinesiology practitioner that works and understands the menstrual cycle and female hormones, if you are seeking support. 

Remember your body has an amazing capacity to heal itself and know that the answers are within you, not external. 

I hope this shines a light on an alternative approach to work with supporting your menstrual cycle health.


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About Ilana

Ilana Kosakiewicz one of Australia’s leading kinesiologists, energy coaches, and yoga and meditation teachers. Ilana’s own health journey with chronic fatigue, irregular cycles and auto-immune disease taught her that slowing down, finding moments of stillness, living in the now and listening to your body’s inner wisdom and intuition are not just important – they are essential. Ilana is passionate about teaching women to live in alignment with their innate cyclical energy, menstrual cycle and the moon. She helps women shift their energy and take back their inner power and self-care rights by making themselves the number one priority. You can connect with Ilana here, or on Instagram ilanak.kinesiology.