Gift Guide for the Teen or Tween In Your Life

This guide is for the tween or teen in your life navigating the journey of their first periods.

As they embark on this new phase of their lives, it’s important to provide them with love, support, and thoughtful gifts that not only address their practical needs but also empower them to embrace this natural part of growing up! This gift guide is designed to help you select the perfect presents for teens going through their first period, ensuring that they feel comfortable, confident, and well-prepared for the road ahead.


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Teena is your body’s best friend and wants you to feel 100% period ready. The Teena device and accompanying app help teens feel confident through puberty and beyond. The device tracks basal body temperature, and syncs with the app to provide insights. The app also includes tons of education materials for tweens, teens and parents. 

Tempdrop cycle tracker

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Tempdrop is a simple way to track ovulation – wear the Tempdrop on your upper arm during your sleep and allow it to do the hard work for you. A great option for teens who don’t want to remember (or have time) to take their temp every morning. Get personalized insights with its intelligent algorithms so that you can track your body’s biomarkers, know your cycle, and understand your body. Tempdrop also syncs with the Read Your Body app. 

Castor Oil Packs

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Queen of the Thrones is the #1 practitioner-recommended original heatless, less-mess and reusable Castor Oil Pack Kit designed by a naturopathic doctor to support the relaxed, parasympathetic state. Using a castor oil pack naturally supports hormone balance and all sorts of “period problems”. It’s also awesome for sleep and feels like a warm hug before bedtime. 

FYP Book


An essential read for all menstruating teens and women, if I do say so myself! People ask me all the time, does the Fix Your Period program work for teens too? The answer is YES! I wish I knew all of this when I was a teen. 

Cramps Be Gone CBD Kit

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It can take some time for periods to regulate during the teen years and sometimes this comes along with cramps. This kit from Foria is an excellent solution. It contains everything you need to relieve period discomfort, naturally: three mini-sizes of their clean Relief formulas that support every part of your menstrual cycle—from cramps to lower back discomfort to PMS moodiness. Used together or separately, these products will help ease period discomfort in the mind and body, both inside and out.

ClaryCalm Essential Oil Roller

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A must have for menstrual health. ClaryCalm is a proprietary blend of essential oils specifically chosen for women. When applied to skin, ClaryCalm provides a cooling and soothing effect. When you feel flushed or warm, apply it to the back of your neck for a cooling, soothing effect. Use ClaryCalm on the lower abdomen. Take it with you to school or practice, or apply a warm compress or heating pad at home to help nurture and comfort your body. Another great stocking stuffer!

My Period
by Milli Hill

My Period is full of fun information to help pre-teens understand everything they need to know about periods, including why we have periods, puberty and getting your first period, period products including cups and period panties, cycles and how they affect us, how to chart your cycle and so much more!

De Lune's Ultimate Period Kit

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The powerhouse De Lune duo Cramp Aid + Steady Mood combines forces with Rael’s Organic Cotton Cover Pads and Heating Patches to create a period toolbox that ensures an easier cycle every time. The heating patches are awesome for on the go (at school) cramp support. 

That Time of the Month PMS & Period Tea Blend

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Experiencing mood swings, fatigue, brain fog, heightened anxiety and sadness (or the 200+ other PMS symptoms) is not normal, no matter what you’ve been told. Replenishing micronutrients in the body can help balance hormones and reduce common PMS symptoms. That’s where the Marea That Time of the Month PMS & Period Tea comes in!

Junior Period Undies

Feel period confident in this super absorbent, organic cotton period undies that are perfect for teens! Wearing period underwear (or pads) instead of tampons can help to reduce cramps and can feel less intimidating for first time periods. 

Organic Pads or Tampons

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August period products are perfect for teens and all menstruators. They are 100% organic cotton and also biodegradable! In other words, they’re great for you AND the environment, and they are super comfy! Build your own customizable box. 

Own Your Period By Chella Quint

This fact-filled guide to periods is bursting with positive, honest advice on managing and understanding menstruation, covering every aspect of periods as well as lots of advice on puberty and growing up in a warm, friendly and reassuring way.

UTI Regimen

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Ugh, UTIs… we’ve all been there! Did you know there are natural solutions for UTIs that don’t include antibiotics, and actually work?! I wish I had this product in my teens and twenties. The Uquora Complete Regimen has you covered. 


VieWear is the world’s first period pain therapy underwear— uniquely designed to hold ice or heat over the lower abdomen to conquer cramps and bloating. It comes equipped with a seamless, no-show interior to pocket to hold heat or ice packs in place and close to the body! It’s also 100% BCI organic cotton lined and provides an extra layer of natural, moisture-wicking protection from leaks and overflow. 

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