UPDATE: The Wink is no longer in production—fortunately, Kindara works perfectly without it! You can manually record your BBT with any BBT thermometer of your choice. Kindara makes charting quick and easy so you can enjoy the journey.

As many of you know, I’ve been using the Fertility Awareness Method as a form of birth control for a loooonnng time. You also probably know that I am a huge fan of the Kindara app, an app that is based on the Fertility Awareness Method and helps you track your cycle along with primary fertility signs – basal body temperature and cervical fluid changes.

The Kindara app is the bee’s knees so I’m thrilled to announce that they now have on offer the Wink, an oral fertility thermometer built to sync with their app. Whoo hoo!

How To Use The Kindara Wink

The Wink is super easy to use. You wake up, and before doing anything else (like going to the bathroom, checking your phone etc), take your temperature (it literally takes 10 seconds), and then it syncs to the Kindara app on your phone.

Wink is so cool, not only because it takes your basal temperature but it automatically syncs with the Kindara app on your phone so you don’t have to remember to enter your temp. Hello to super accuracy, and goodbye to lost readings and temperature input mistakes. #storyofmylife

I can’t begin to describe how much this method of birth control has impacted my life and the lives of the women I share it with. I preach about understanding your body’s hormonal landscape through body awareness all the time, and the Fertility Awareness Method along with Kindara + Wink are key tools for women who want to work with their bodies’ natural ebb and flow.

If you want to learn more about how this whole process works, check out my post with a more detailed explanation of FAM and how to use the Kindara app. Be sure to get your Wink right here. I also explain this in much more detail in my Ditch Your Birth Control Protocol.