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Hormonal Health Protocols

BIRTH CONTROL PROTOCOL – The ultimate solution to ditching your hormonal contraceptives!  

Are you tired of hormonal birth control-related side effects, and you want your life back? Do you want to be free of synthetic hormones but you’re terrified your real hormones will freak out if you ditch your birth control? Or maybe you’re ready to get pregnant? My Birth Control Protocol gives you the exact steps to get off any kind of hormonal contraceptive in a safe and effective way. It includes my Post-Pill Strategy with diet, supplement/herbal remedies and lifestyle recommendations for the first six months after you come off birth control, along with an introduction to cycle charting and natural birth control solutions.




FIX YOUR BLOOD SUGAR PROTOCOL – The first step to naturally balancing your hormones

Sugar & refined carbohydrates are killing your hormones! The FIRST step to optimal hormone function and vibrant health is knowing how these foods impact your menstrual cycle, and how to balance your blood sugar. My Fix Your Blood Sugar Protocol gives you the exact steps to test your blood sugar so you can know which foods to eat and what to avoid. You’ll also get the lowdown on caffeine and alcohol, and what to have instead, plus so much more! Finally put an end to blood sugar spikes and crashes that are the root cause of PCOS, PMS, painful periods, adrenal fatigue, hypothyroid and basically every other hormonal problem!



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FIX YOUR PERIOD 5-DAY CLEANSE – The perfect jumpstart to get your hormones back on track

Did you know that your liver health directly impacts your period? That’s just one of many reasons to make sure your liver is functioning at it’s best! This cleanse is a simple, food-based liver detox that any woman can do with ease. You’ll incorporate hormone-balancing whole foods, targeted supplements and cleansing practices to give your “out of whack” hormones the jumpstart they need to get back on track. In as little as 5 days you will lay a foundation for lasting change in your menstrual and reproductive health.