Yup, you read right. That is the title of my beautiful and multi-talented friend Natalie Kringoudis’ soon-to-be-released book. It comes on the heels of her wildly successful first book, Eat Fat Be Thin, in which (you guessed it!) she tells you why you NEED fat in your diet. She also includes lots of divine, healthy recipes for all you lovers of the sweet stuff.

Perhaps you’re wondering who this Nat chick is? Well, she’s bigtime girls! Nat is a doctor of Chinese Medicine, an acupuncturist and a natural fertility expert. She lives in Melbourne, Australia, where she runs her practice The Pagoda Tree. She also hosts her own TV show called Health Talks, where she gives you the straight-talk on all the latest health trends. Told you this girl was a badass!

Okay back to the book! In her new book Eat Fat Be Lean, Nat debunks the myth that low-fat/no-fat is better and she describes why fat is vital for hormone production and overall health. She also tells you how and why low-fat foods make you fat! Yes darlings, they do. Additionally, she addresses the popular questions of, “how much protein” and “how much exercise” we should ideally be getting on a daily basis. As if that isn’t enough, the book is full of yummylicious paleo and protein-inspired savory recipes for all you salt-lovers.

In honor of Nat’s big book release (it comes out next week Wednesday July 10th), we did a fun interview, well more of a girly chat about all things health and hormonal – acupuncture, IVF and natural fertility too!

Check it out below and let us know what ya think in the comments! 🙂