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Top 3 Tips To Healing Your Hormones Through Body Confidence

On the verge of Type II Diabetes. Painful periods. Facial Hair. Obesity. Inability to have children. When I was 14, I finally had an answer. After years of being dragged from doctor to doctor, I was told, “You have PCOS. You are on the verge of Type II Diabetes and you probably won’t be able […]

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What is Family Constellation Therapy?

This is a post written by my good friend Natalie Berthold, a Family Constellation Therapist, intuitive healer and all-around phenomenal woman. She has helped me tremendously over the last two years and if you can relate to what she writes below, maybe she can help you too. Enjoy! I call it the poltergeist phenomenon.  You […]

Demystifying the Thyroid Pt 2

Last week I wrote all about the thyroid. I focused almost entirely on Hypothyroid because pretty much every women who’s ever come to me with a thyroid problem has an under-active thyroid. Well, the ladies with thyroids that are working overtime (Hyperthyroid) let me know that they needed information too! So here it is. Hyperthyroid […]


Hooked on Hormonal Birth Control?

Below is an interview with the outspoken and courageous Holly Grigg-Spall. She is the author of “Sweetening the Pill or How We Got Hooked on Hormonal Birth Control,” which will be released on September 7th in the US and September 27th in the UK. As Holly says below, “there is no informed choice without full knowledge.”  If you […]