Written by my Spring 2018 apprentice, Bek Joy.

I’m the woman who:

Is educated and smart

Has a full-time job

Runs a household

Loves to exercise – from running to lifting weights to practicing yoga

I’m the woman who:

Has goals

Believes in standards

Takes responsibility

I’m the woman who:

Is proud of what I’ve achieved

Is too independent for my own good

Hates to feel vulnerable

Has learnt lessons the hard way

Is grateful for the people and support I have in my life

I’m the woman who:

Loved my job

Was busy and worked too hard

Pushed myself

Did too much

Tried to get through my never ending to do list

Became stressed out

Burnt out

Got sick

I’m the woman who didn’t know:

How to listen to my body

What my body was trying to tell me

How to eat for my hormones

How to exercise for my hormones

That PMS isn’t normal (common yes, normal NO!)

How beliefs and values are so ingrained in our behaviours

That people’s perceptions are just that – perceptions!

The negative impact emotions can have on the body

That most people have emotional baggage (BIG or small) to work through

Most of all, the importance of letting go

I’m the woman whose:

Body thought it was in danger and yelled STOP! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Digestive system became sluggish

Immune system struggled

Reproductive system cracked

I’m the woman who:

Took charge and became CEO of my health

Worked with practitioners to find answers

Became a health detective

Tuned into my symptoms

Listened to expert practitioners

Read and researched to identify the causes of my health challenges

I’m the woman who:



Rebalanced – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually

I’m the woman who:

Has used Western and Eastern practices to heal

Has had surgeries, completed lab tests, taken medications, supplements and herbal remedies

I’m the woman who:

Has realised how precious the human body is

Finds it remarkable how much the body can take

Is amazed by the interrelated systems of the body – the flow on effect something has on multiple areas of the body

Has witnessed the body’s ability to heal itself (encouragement and TLC helps of course)

I’m the woman who has reprioritized my life. I’m the woman who has learnt to be kinder to myself, my body and my hormones

I’m the woman who feels privileged to have learnt what I have

I’m now the woman who:

Is stronger and hopefully wiser

Is healthy and wants to thrive

Is trying to do things smarter not harder

I’m now the woman who:

Makes more deposits than withdrawals to my health bank

Stresses less

Treasures down time

Spends more time doing the things I love

Acknowledges the principle of uniqueness – what works for me, may not suit another

Listens to my body

Follows my intuition

Looks after myself

Eats and exercises to suit my hormones

Knows the importance of sleep

Has learnt to shake it off (Shake it off, shake it off)


I’m the woman who knows that good health is an ongoing process.  What I do every day counts.


I’m the woman who wishes to be:

A better person

A wonderful wife

An amazing mother


I’m the woman who:

Is passionate about learning

Has become curious about finding ways to improve my health

Is intrigued by what biochemistry can teach us

Thinks genetics could be a fascinating piece of the health puzzle

Believes knowledge is power

I’m the woman who doesn’t want others to go through what I have

I’m the woman who:

Understands how frustrating it can be to be unwell

Encourages others to speak up

Wishes to share my knowledge

Is driven to help others learn from my experiences

Would love to see others become health detectives and take charge of their own health

About Bek:

Bek Joy is a Body Ecology health coach and recent Fix Your Period Apprenticeship Program graduate, who is driven to help others become CEOs of their own health. After facing her own health challenges, Bek took charge through education and training and is now a passionate advocate for women’s health, fertility and hormone health, autoimmune conditions, genetics and mental and spiritual health. Bek understands how frustrating it can be when you’re unwell and when you feel like you’re not being heard. By tuning into your symptoms and discussing how lifestyle choices can play a major role in your overall wellbeing, Bek hopes to share her knowledge widely and see others become health detectives for their own healthy futures.

You can learn more about Bek by following her on Instagram.