Are you ready for a book that will forever change how your view your cycle?


Great! Because A New Cycle: Your Guide to A Better Period Naturally is here and it’s available for you to buy now 🙂 This gorgeous book was manifested and created by Tracy Puhl, the owner of Glad Rags, a company that makes high quality sustainable menstrual products and empowers women by positively transforming the experience of menstruation.

IScreen Shot 2014-06-10 at 6.03.16 PM feel honored to be a contributor to this groundbreaking book in which various experts come together to break down the inner workings of the female menstrual cycle. A true collaborative effort, this book is a compilation of essays by renowned women’s health experts that explores natural birth control, ovulation and the menstrual cycle, pelvic floor health, Chinese medicine, herbalism, Ayurveda, detoxification and much more.

Additionally, it includes resources and action plans at the end of each chapter to help you get your derailed menstrual health back on track. What stood out for me while reading A New Cycle was each writer’s dedication to their craft and the women they serve. Many of them have transformed painful stories into powerful expertise which they have masterfully woven into the fabric of their essays.

This is a quick and easy read – I literally read it on a 2 hour flight last week – and you’ll want to highlight and refer back to a whole bunch of gems so make sure to grab your copy today.