This post was written by Breana Gilcher, one of my star apprentices. She talks about discovering her path and finding her feminine. 

A beautiful thing happens when you begin to explore and release your feminine self – because our feminine self is one of many expressions of our authentic self. And the more we are exploring and releasing our authentic selves, the more freely our creative path can open up and flow through our lives. It’s a very deep and powerful thing!

My journey towards my fullest feminine expression began last winter when I realized that chemically manipulating my hormones had left me feeling fat, moody, and dull.

I wanted the answer, the entire answer, not just a band-aid for my symptoms. And after lots of hopeless digging thinking I was doomed to experience painful periods and sexual frustration, this whole world of holistic women’s health opened up in front of me. It was so overwhelming at first, but I was reading about these women who were finding themselves in their womanhood and healing their bodies, and I was hooked. I wanted what they had.

It was this discovery, followed by my apprenticeship with Nicole Jardim, that was a catalyst for the creative and spiritual floodgates to burst open in my life. I believe this is because the moment I said “yes” to the desire, that inner pull towards learning everything I could about healthy hormones and wellness, I unlocked an element of my feminine self that then flooded my life with creative expression.

Shortly after taking the risk and signing up for Nicole’s program, I landed an amazing music therapy internship in hospice care, I began playing music again after recovering from an injury that had totally wrecked my musical life, I found the spiritual ‘home’ I had been longing for for years in Orthodoxy, and now I’ve started a business as a Women’s Wellness Coach! Holy hormones!

Yeah, that’s a head-ful. But it begins with this beautiful, intimate work that we do that starts with ourselves on a very real, very base level. Restoring harmony in our menstrual cycles, re-balancing our hormones, and healing our relationship with food and our bodies. This can seem really basic: eat more greens and take supplement x, y, and z. But it’s more than that.

It’s restoring the expression of our natural womanhood, which then takes us closer to who we each really are. And the closer we get to who we are at a human, soul level, the more we remove the stuff that has blocked our creative and spiritual path from opening up before us.

This is intense stuff, but this is what draws me to this work so strongly, which makes me so passionate about it. And this is the crux of my message as a Women’s Wellness Coach. I want you to have happy ovaries AND experience being fully connected to the Divine.

I want you to have pleasant periods AND find that dream job. I want you to clear your brain fog SO THAT you can clear any barriers to your most powerful, fully-expressed and authentic woman! Now that’s worth raising a pink martini to! Together let’s start this sexy, beautiful, and world-shaking journey!


b.gilcherI’m Breana Gilcher and I’m a Women’s Wellness Coach. My work moves with the understanding that every woman is a creative channel, has an inner artist, and that every woman is a divine being who is innately spiritual. I am trained in women’s holistic hormone health, level 1 Reiki, counseling, behavior modification, music therapy, and classical orchestral oboe playing and I am passionate about healing. My own journey through healing began when I listened to the blaring signals from my body and threw away my birth control, took charge of my feminine health, and made a commitment to honoring and developing myself as a woman. Now it’s my mission to empower women with knowledge about their bodies and become their most authentic, fully-expressed self, and discover their passion and calling in this life! You can find Breana on her website or on her Facebook page