Meet Christine Bove, a Feng Shui expert and a Fashion Feng Shui Stylist. How cool is that title by the way? 🙂 Christine helps women transform their homes, wardrobes, health and wealth using the ancient art of Feng Shui and a number of other energy healing modalities.

In this interview we chat about women’s cycles and why we women are the way we are!  Here are a few things we discuss:

  • How to schedule certain events around your optimal energy each month and how to take supreme care of yourself the week before and the week of your period.
  • Demystify the “Bi-a-tch” syndrome – understand your cycle and how you can leverage it in your day to day life – manage your moods and energy levels, know when to ask for a raise, go on a date or shop for new clothes. 
  • Understanding natural birth control and the most crucial days to get pregnant or avoid getting pregnant.
  • Discover how cortisol levels could be one of the reasons why you are not sleeping.
  • Learn the real truth behind why your less than fabulous sex drive and how to revitalize your love life. Hint: It’s got a lot to do with your bedroom environment.
  • Plus, Christine shares all her Feng Shui secrets!

And of course there are lots of jokes and laughs. Christine and I had a ton of fun doing this interview and we really hope you take a couple gems away from it.

You can learn all about the lovely Christine here:

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