Guest post by one of my excellent Fall 2015 apprentices Lynn Doak, who will break down the Law of Attraction and how it relates to your fertility. A must read!

The law of attraction is working at all times, whether we are aware of it or not.  The theory of the law of attraction is that we create our own realities.  Not only do we attract the things we want, we also attract what we don’t want.

It is our thoughts, our emotions, and our actions that actually create the life we are living right now!

The law of attraction states that “like attracts like”.  So let’s say if you have limiting beliefs around money, that its hard to make money, or wrong to make money, then you will continue to live without money.

Same applies to wanting a baby.  If you believe its difficult to get pregnant, if you believe you are too stressed, or you believe a physical condition is preventing you, or your doctor has said you are too old and will only get pregnant through IVF…you get the idea.

The problem here is, as I’m sure you know, the longer you are on this bumpy fertility road, with its up and downs and corners and turns, the more doubts you have.  The more negative pregnancy tests, the disappointing lab results, the negative doctors you see…it becomes very, very difficult to continue to believe, even though deep down in your heart and soul, you WANT to believe.

It’s no good for someone to say “Just think positively!”  It’s not that easy after months and years of disappointment.

But you can still make the law of attraction work for you.
It takes some commitment, some inner work, and a process.

The book/movie The Secret states that you need to do just three things for LOA to work:

Ask: Get clear on what you want, write it down, put it out there – this step is simple enough.

Believe: Really believe that you will get it (not so easy at times, I know).

Receive: Sit back and allow it all to happen (this can be very difficult because when you want something so much, just sitting back and waiting for it to happen doesn’t feel like an option).

I believe there are a few more steps involved when attracting a pregnancy, or anything else for that matter!

Change your mindset

This is not just positive thinking, or positive affirmations.  This is a process of releasing limiting beliefs, fears, worries that may be preventing you from getting pregnant.  Our minds are tricky little buggers and often they can be the one thing standing in our own way.


This step is crucial.  Holding onto baggage of regret, blame, shame is the biggest block in healing our emotions.  When you learn to forgive yourself, your body, and anyone else you need to, big vibrational shifts start to happen.  If you take nothing else from this post, PLEASE do one thing, and stop beating yourself up, stop being so hard on yourself.  You are doing your very best with what you’ve got!

Elevate your emotions

The Law of Attraction responds to how we are feeling.  If we are feeling sad, disappointed, frustrated that is what we will attract back but if we are feeling joy, excitement, fulfilment, that is what you will receive.
This process first begins with releasing any old or trapped emotions that may be standing in your way, then adapting a daily practice to elevate your emotions.

Appreciate everything

By adopting a practice of feeling grateful and appreciative of every little thing in your life, you will raise your vibration to enable you to feel happier and more positive.

Ask your baby

Don’t just ask the universe to bring your baby to you, ask your baby!  Through meditation, dreams and signs you can communicate with your baby and ask them what they need from you to come to you now.

Believe anyway

Even if you still have those niggling doubts after doing all the steps above (hopefully you won’t!) then just choose to believe it’s going to happen.  Make the decision that you will get pregnant.  You can’t necessarily decide the “when” or the “how” but you can choose to believe it will happen.

Detach and Allow

If you commit to a regular practice of self-care, good diet, and complete the steps above, then I promise you WILL get to a point when you can say ok – I have done all I can possibly do – I now choose to detach from the outcome of this journey.  I allow and trust the universe, I trust my baby, and I trust my body to receive.

And finally, please try to make this one big change….

Try to stop NEEDING to be pregnant.

If we really need something, we create an energy of desperation.

If you NEED a baby, that is putting focus on the fact that you don’t have one.  It is not in alignment with HAVING a baby.

Take 3 deep breaths now and centre and align yourself with the energy of having a baby.

  • Imagine how you would feel if you found out that you were pregnant?
  • What are the emotions you would be feeling right now? Excited, ecstatic, joyous, over the moon?
  • Then imagine yourself already pregnant.  What are you feeling now?  Content, safe, nurturing, protective?
  • And finally imagine yourself holding your baby in your arms.  How do you feel now???

Take five minutes each day to close your eyes and visualize this process.  Imagine that it is really happening to you, don’t look at it as if its someone else in the picture, really step into the picture and become it – live it – feel it.

Apply this feeling of already being pregnant to your life NOW.

  • What would you do differently if you were pregnant now?
  • Would you eat healthier?
  • Would you stop drinking coffee or alcohol?
  • Would you stop worrying?!
  • Would you clear out that spare bedroom full of junk and paint it and get it ready for your baby?
  • Would you stop putting things off in case you might be pregnant?  Would  you take that holiday, go out dancing, meet your friends for dinner?

Remember, your baby already exists vibrationally.  They came into being the moment you desired to have a baby.

Align your energy with knowing, trusting and allowing, and remove the energy of lack.

Lynn Doak is a Fertility Coach, who is a certified Ayurvedic Therapist, Reproductive Reflexologist, Emotion Code Practitioner, EFT Practitioner, Reiki Master & Arvigo Practitioner.

She has combined her knowledge and experience to provide the ultimate Mind-Body Holistic Fertility Program for women all over the world.  The program opens this summer and you can sign up for more info at