Did you ever see the documentary The Business of Being Born? It was a serious game-changer for myself and millions of women around the world.

Lucky for us, Abby Epstein and Ricki Lake are at it again with their latest project The Business of Birth Control, about our birth control choices and whether women are really getting the full story. I know many of you can relate to this! The film is based on the book Sweetening the Pill by Holly Grigg Spall, a fierce women’s health advocate.

In the foreword for Holly’s book, Laura Werschler (another bad-ass reproductive health advocate) noted that:

“Prescribing the pill, or other forms of hormonal contraception, has become, in the minds of most health-care providers, the ‘standard of care’ for being a girl.” It’s being used to treat every manner of menstrual cycle problem—irregularity, heavy bleeding, painful periods—associated with the maturation process of an adolescent’s reproductive system.

I’ve got quite a history with hormonal birth control so I jumped at the opportunity to be an advisor on the film!

Unfortunately, we tried to get funding last year and were unsuccessful, likely because the film’s subject matter is rather controversial. Don’t you love a little controversy though? 😉

Soooo, we took matters into our own hands and launched a kickstarter campaign about three weeks ago. This has truly been a grassroots effort, evidenced by the fact that women (and men!) from over 50 countries have come together to pledge their support. So far we’ve raised 3/4 of the amount we need and now we’re in the home stretch!

We’d love to get to 2000 backers by the end of the week and I would GREATLY appreciate your help in making this happen! You can back it financially or share it on social media. Either way, it will only take two minutes of your time and you’ll be supporting a project that will help so many women.

Let’s make this movie a must-see for all girls and women who need access to safe and effective birth control! We all deserve #betterbirthcontrol. So much gratitude for your support.