Guest post by the amazing Ali Schueler. Her mission is to passionately offer experience-based tools that inspire life-changing awakening in the feminine worldwide, promoting emotional empowerment, spiritual fulfillment, and a connection to our bodies and its natural cycles.

What does it even mean to “live in the feminine”?

I feel there is an epidemic in today’s mainstream culture of women being disconnected from their feminine essence. The workforce in today’s world is very masculine driven. I don’t say this with the connotation that men are at fault here, more-so that the current workforce embodies very masculine qualities. It is very driven, goal-oriented, disciplined, logic-based, etc. While these are important qualities for anyone to harness when they are focused on attaining a goal, they are the opposite qualities of the natural feminine essence.

The feminine at it’s essence is more receptive, soft, and nurturing. As men and women, we are cellularly wired this way to create sexual polarity between the opposite sexes, and balance one another with our differing sexual essences.

Note: Both men and women can embody qualities from opposite sexual essences, this is normal. I am speaking from the place of these qualities being natural to each of the essences and of course there is crossover in each different individual. For more on feminine and masculine sexual essence, as well as sexual polarity, check out David Deida’s work and his books Intimate Communion, Dear Lover, and Way of the Superior Man.

It becomes an interesting thing, putting the feminine in today’s masculine driven workforce, when the qualities of our essence are almost opposite of the qualities that are required to be “successful” in the world. For women who embody a feminine essence, we are forced to keep up or get out. In the process, many of us women sacrifice some of the qualities of our natural feminine essence. We might start to harden, to adapt to the cut and dry masculine world of work. We might take on the go go-go mentality, never relaxing into the soft surrender of our inherent radiance as women.

So what do we do? In today’s world, we are working women. We must adapt to the times, and that means being a part of the workforce in some capacity. The world of female entrepreneurialism is growing by the moment, and it is a beautiful thing. I think women working for themselves and creating a business that is supportive of their natural essence is one of the best things we can do for ourselves because it gives us more command over our own lives and how we want to spend our time.

What I am suggesting here, is perhaps finding work that nurtures more of our natural feminine essence rather than opposes it. Once we become more aware of the qualities of our feminine essence and how good it feels to live from that space, we can focus more of our attention on living from those parts of ourselves and just stepping into masculine qualities when we need to or want to.

There are several things we can do on a regular basis to nurture our natural feminine essence and live more from that space regardless of whether we work for someone else or work for ourselves.

  1. Take deep breaths all day. Deep breathing throughout the stay keeps us connected to our center, keeps healthy amounts of oxygen circulating through our system, and even makes us look better, bringing a shine to our faces!
  2. Connect to your womanly cycles and rhythms. Start the process of learning more about your natural cycle that you move through each month. Learn more about your menstrual cycle, your ovulation, and all of the phases in between. Our cycles as women are a huge part of us, and to avoid them is avoiding our feminine essence. Explore them and see how it connects you more deeply to your essence.
  3. In your free time, explore the things that bring you the most pleasure in life. What are you passionate about? What makes you feel amazing? What brings you that sensual experience of feeling like a juicy Goddess? Whatever it is, do that. And lots of it.
  4. What makes you feel feminine and womanly? Does dressing up in a sexy outfit and going out with some girlfriends make you feel feminine and beautiful? Do that. Does gardening barefoot on the earth, working with plants and being in nature make you feel like a feminine Earth Goddess? Do that. Explore what makes you feel like a woman.

The feminine in essence is flowy, radiant, and encourages surrender. We are devotional. We are sensual beings. We open and unfurl like a flower. Keep this in mind as you move through your day and explore how it feels to live from some of these more naturally feminine qualities. How does it make you feel? Do you feel more like yourself? Is it more comfortable for you, or is it scary? The practice of tapping more into your natural feminine essence can bring up lots of stuff, so be gentle with yourself in the process!

In the comments below, share with us what taps you into your feminine essence. Do you have any practices that support you in living more in your feminine? We want to hear from you!

AliMostly I’m an advocate of re-sacralizing the feminine. Other things I love: Dancing, living the ecstatic, plants, being in nature, and being a wild, wild woman. My mission is passionately offering experience-based tools that inspire life-changing awakening in the feminine worldwide, promoting emotional empowerment, spiritual fulfillment, and a connection to our bodies and its natural cycles. Read Ali’s full bio here: