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April 22, 2023

IUD Side Effects & How to Get Help If You Experience Them

with podcast guest

Tamara Wilder


Tamara Wilder is the founder of IUD Awareness and an admin of the IUD Side Effects Support Group on Facebook. After her body reacted very poorly to getting a Paragard copper IUD inserted in 2014, Tamara went in search of answers after her doctor repeatedly assured her that all of her strange and worsening symptoms could not be related to the IUD. Upon removal of the IUD, some of her symptoms went away almost immediately and within 2 days most of the rest were improving dramatically!

In this episode, we talk about the early warning signs and serious symptoms associated with IUDs, why so many of us miss those symptoms, the lack of fully informed consent around birth control, where you can find support, and more. Tamara shares some eye-opening information on this episode about IUDs that everyone should know!

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  • How Tamara became an advocate for awareness about IUD side effects
  • Early warning signs associated with IUDs
  • The mental and emotional side effects Tamara experienced
  • Why it’s so easy to miss the glaring early warning signs
  • The need for medical professionals to empower people around birth control
  • Pushing back against the dismissal of our symptoms
  • Tamara’s recommendations for IUD removal
  • The huge problems people experience when trying to get their IUD removed
  • The positive progress Tamara has seen through support groups
  • Comparing hormonal and copper IUDs
  • The hormonal impact of the copper IUD


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