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Vienna Farlow Period Party Podcast

Vienna Farlow is a Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner and the founder of The Cuntsultant, Your Vagina’s Consultant. She is a fertility awareness educator, teaching how to avoid or achieve pregnancy naturally to gain a deeper understanding of total body health through the menstrual cycle. Vienna’s work focuses on demystifying the female body, body literacy, and teaching women and people with vaginas ways to connect with their bodies. She believes that all female-bodied people should be empowered to know more about their bodies and the way they work. She is passionate about reproductive justice, LGBTQ+ inclusion, full-spectrum care, abortion access, and provocation in the name of education.

In this episode, we talk about fertility awareness types of natural birth control, misconceptions about secular fertility awareness, the effectiveness of fertility awareness methods, the wide-reaching impact of the stigma around abortion, how Vienna supports women as an abortion doula, and so much more!

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Here are the highlights of what we cover during this episode: 

  • The types of natural birth control
  • Why the rhythm method is unreliable
  • The difference between natural family planning (NFP) and secular fertility awareness
  • Misconceptions around fertility awareness as a method of birth control
  • Body signals you need to track with fertility awareness methods
  • Do you need to do internal checks with the Justisse method?
  • When you should use the semen elimination technique
  • The effectiveness of fertility awareness methods
  • Why Vienna believes abortion is an inevitable aspect of the reproductive continuum
  • Looking beyond the stigma around abortion
  • What is reproductive justice?
  • How Vienna supports women as an abortion doula
  • Vienna’s perspective on the declining abortion rate in the US

Resources & Recommendations:

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