“I was one of those girls who suffered the consequences of bad teenage habits from a really young age. At the time it seemed like a death sentence but in actuality, it paved the way for me to do the work I was put on this planet to do…”

It all started around age 17. Suddenly I wasn’t getting my period regularly anymore — it would make an appearance every three months or so! Oh and when it came, it came with a vengeance!

You know the drill – an extra 5lbs in bloating, horrific cramps that kept me in bed for two days, really heavy flow and the worst moods ever! After a year and half of this madness my doctor put me on the pill. I didn’t know it then, but the pill was only a temporary fix that masked what was actually a raging hormonal imbalance, while creating a whole new set of symptoms.

So while I began to have lighter, easier periods (yay!), I found myself starting to battle chronic yeast and urinary tract infections. A whole bunch of other symptoms started cropping up too — stomach problems, joint pain, chronic colds and a constant feeling that I was not well.

I tried all the western medical resources but the doctors I saw had no idea what was wrong with me — all the tests were”normal.” One doctor thought I had Rheumatoid Arthritis while another thought I had Crohn’s disease! I spent thousands of dollars on tests and procedures and got nothing. Can you relate to this frustration?

By then I was 23 and totally over my mystery ailments and the wanna-be diagnoses! A friend suggested I see her acupuncturist and since I had nothing to lose I went for it.

Of course he totally rocked my world! During the first session he gave me more answers than any doctor had given me in years! I knew then and there that I was on the right path.

“If I had a health coach to help me when I was 17, it would have changed the trajectory of my life” 

It took me a couple of years to get my health back on track. During that time I discovered Whole Foods, I changed the way I ate, I got rid of my toxic cleaning and personal care products, I picked up yoga and tried a bunch of different healing techniques.

I also got off the Pill — one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

In the meantime, I had graduated from university and was working freelance on television commercials and live events. The Video Music Awards, Tiger Woods commercials — all dream jobs, or so I thought.

The entertainment industry is not kind to personal schedules so it became impossible to maintain good eating or exercise habits. After a couple of years it began to take a toll on my body and I knew I had to shake things up.

It took some time to figure out exactly what I wanted to do but eventually I found my niche. I took courses on nutrition, green living, trained to be a yoga instructor and then made it my mission to leave Florida and move to New York City to enroll at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

By then I knew beyond a doubt that helping young women live healthier lives was my mission. I knew that if I could help just one woman by sharing my personal struggles then I had succeeded.

I’m now a Certified Women’s Health Coach with a specialty in hormonal and reproductive health. In 2011, I created my signature Fix Your Period series of programs that empower women to heal their menstrual conditions in a fun and sassy way. I then continued my  training with Dr. Sara Gottfried the author of The Hormone Cure and Jessica Drummond, the founder of the Integrative Pelvic Health Institute.

Nicole Jardim Certification

My mission is to help women reclaim their hormonal health and feminine vitality naturally. I teach as many women as I can get my hands on that their hormones don’t have to ruin their lives and I show them how to take back control of their health and their bodies.

I passionately believe that all women should be active participants in their health and I’m dedicated to spreading this message.

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