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Mike Gaskins Period Party Podcast

Mike Gaskins is a media writer/producer who began his journey as a women’s health advocate after a world-renowned physician lied to him about birth control side effects. This chance encounter triggered a passion for research that led Mike to discover many shocking levels of deceit and misinformation surrounding these potent drugs. He is passionate about exposing the very real dangers of hormonal birth control and his new book, In the Name of The Pill explores the dubious nature of both the history and science of hormonal birth control.

In this episode, we talk about the shocking link between autoimmune diseases and the pill, the importance of the Nelson Pill Hearings, how doctors altered the benefit-risk paradigm to get the pill approved, why it’s risky for the public to accept the pill as being generally safe, and so much more!

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Here are the highlights of what we cover during this episode: 

  • How the “father of autoimmune disease” kick-started Mike’s journey into women’s health advocacy
  • The shocking connection between lupus and hormonal birth control
  • What are the Nelson Pill Hearings?
  • Why the Nelson Pill Hearings gained so much notoriety
  • Public reactions to the findings from the Hearings
  • How doctors changed the benefit-risk paradigm to get the pill approved
  • The surprising risk of deadly diseases and chronic conditions from taking the pill
  • The problem with our society’s widespread acceptance of the safety of the pill
  • Why you shouldn’t feel guilty about not knowing the risks of taking the pill
  • How medical doctors are compounding the problem of being disconnected from our bodies
  • Mike’s top tip for women considering taking the pill or who are experiencing symptoms

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