Summer Food Swaps

This is a guest post written by the lovely Jessica Stone, creator of, a site dedicated to seriously healthy recipes that don't skimp on taste! When I met Nicole at CRAVE, a gathering of women-owned businesses, I knew she was onto something.  Nicole stands out in the sea of health coaches and was talking about [...]

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Hormone Balance & Your Liver Function

I talk a lot about the liver in my daily life! A lot of women don’t realize that their livers play an integral role in their hormonal health. Let’s put it this way…if you’re hormones are all whacked out, then it’s most likely that your liver is not feeling so hot. Here’s why: Your liver [...]

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Loving Your Ladies Could Save Your Life

In honor of breast cancer awareness month and all women who have been touched by breast cancer, I decided to interview my colleague and dear friend Alyssa Millman on everyday breast health awareness and what women can do to be proactive in their own breast care. Enjoy! Nicole: What is your title and what do [...]

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Five Years Ago…

Five years ago I was living in Florida. I was working on TV commercials and live events, a career I had wanted since I was fifteen, and I had just moved into a newly-purchased condo.  I had recently bought a great new car and my husband and I had  just taken an awesome vacation to [...]

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Okay, so it wasn't quite the Mexicoma that Carrie experienced in the Sex and the City movie... I recently got back from an amazing trip with my friend Vanessa to Mexico City. We visited the incredible Teotihuacan pyramids, went to the Frida Kahlo museum, walked through colorful and vibrant markets, and met some really interesting [...]

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A Sneak Peak at Fix Your Period

We are just one day away from kicking off the second installment of our Fix Your Period Group Program and we are psyched about it!We are so psyched that we want to share with you a little about what we'll be covering in the next eight weeks. You will learn about: How food really affects your body What foods [...]

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Cleaning Up Your Act

In 1971 President Nixon and Congress declared war on cancer. So what’s happened in the 40 years since? Just a whole lot more cancer. Today, the United States has the seventh highest cancer rate in the world!! While heart disease is on a slight decline in the U.S., the cost to treat it is expected to triple by [...]

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Your Week from Hell!

You’ve been feeling extra moody for a week, your skin is breaking out like crazy, all you can think about are BAD CARBS, you don’t even fit into your fat jeans and your boobs are killing you. Your PMS has never been this bad!  So what gives? If you’re feeling this pain you’re far from [...]

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Salad Happiness!

Oh man it’s been ages since we’ve put a blog post up..being more active on the blog is definitely in the cards for 2012…amongst other things. We have so much going on that we’re just bursting at the seams in anticipation.  Tomorrow is our big launch day so stay tuned! In the meantime, today we [...]

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Roasted Acorn Squash

I love acorn squash…well let’s be honest I love all sweet veggies but let’s focus on the acorn squash shall we? They are packed with potassium, magnesium, fiber, calcium and vitamins A & C-so what’s not to love! Bet you didn’t know that they are also a good source of folate. Yup folate! We’ve all [...]

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