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September 20, 2023

Your Gut Health Simplified

with podcast guest

Sandra Mikhail


Sandra Mikhail is an internationally-known and accredited dietitian, the founder of Nutrition A-Z, and the author of The Gut Chronicles: An Uncensored Journey into the World of Digestive Health and Illness. With over a decade of experience, Sandra’s passion for and work in gut health created a movement for normalizing ‘poo talk,’ shedding light on topics you may find yourself secretly searching for on the internet. Known as the gut health dietitian ‘making poo talk salon chic,’ she currently lives in Zürich, Switzerland, with her husband and children, with a thriving private practice and a signature tea blend for turbulent tummies.

In this episode, Sandra and I discuss gut health and its crucial role in women’s health. We talk about the role of the gut in overall health, why we need to normalize poo conversations, the gut-hormone connection, how you can start tracking your gut symptoms, what to look for in a gut specialist, Sandra’s thoughts on food intolerance testing, how the FODMAP process works, and so much more. Stay tuned for an eye-opening conversation!

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  • Sandra’s childhood and how conversations about gut health were normalized
  • How Sandra’s IBS diagnosis led to her career focus on gut health
  • The role of the gut in overall health and why it’s so important to talk about poo
  • Removing the shame and stigma around discussing symptoms like bloody stool or chronic diarrhea
  • The gut-hormone connection
  • Understanding gut symptoms during different phases of the menstrual cycle
  • How the gut microbiome impacts hormone metabolism
  • Why Sandra recommends tracking as the first step in figuring out your gut issues
  • What to look for in a gut specialist who can help you with testing and diagnosis
  • Why it’s important to approach food intolerance testing with caution
  • Significant risks associated with long-term elimination diets
  • What FODMAPs are and how the FODMAP process works
  • Differentiating between celiac disease and non-celiac wheat sensitivity
  • The underdiagnosis of celiac disease and the need for accurate testing
  • Downsides of eliminating gluten without medical necessity
  • What you can do to start improving your gut health
  • Sandra’s holistic four-pillar approach to gut health


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