What’s causing all your period issues? Find out now


March 26, 2023

The State of Women’s Healthcare

with podcast guest

Dr. Natalie Underberg, Danielle Kepics & Dr. Saru Bala


This episode is a special one! Today I have three of my favorite women’s health colleagues and friends on the show: Dr. Saru Bala, a licensed naturopathic physician; Dr. Natalie Underberg, a Functional Medicine Practitioner; and Danielle Kepics, a physician assistant, certified fertility educator, and nutrition coach.

Dr. Natalie Underberg is a Functional Medicine Practitioner and the founder of The PCOS Doc. With a doctorate of Chiropractic and advanced training through the Institute of Functional Medicine, Natalie is a leader in the women’s health space. She has helped hundreds of women reverse the symptoms of their PCOS and get pregnant naturally through her group program, The PCOS Collective, and her one-on-one tailored holistic approach.

Danielle Kepics is a physician assistant, certified fertility educator, nutrition coach, master’s level therapist, and former personal trainer. She is the CEO and founder of Empowered Medicine, where she guides women to be the CEO of their health. She offers one-on-one as well as group coaching services.

Dr. Saru Bala is a licensed naturopathic physician specializing in women’s hormonal health. Having been through her fair share of hormonal and gut issues, she knew there were more options than she was presented with, and having to figure it out on her own was exhausting. Dr. Bala wanted to be able to educate other women on their bodies, what’s normal, what isn’t, and really be an advocate for them to KNOW there are plenty of other options if what they’re seeking now isn’t working for them or if what they’re presented with isn’t the path they’re looking for.

In this episode, we talk about what we consider to be the most critical aspects of women’s healthcare that need attention. We discuss why women aren’t getting the care they need, the fact that women are more confused than ever about how to take care of themselves, how you can access the care you need, why you should prioritize your health (even if it feels selfish!), the problems with keto, intermittent fasting, and alcohol, our non-negotiables for our health, and so much more!

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  • The biggest issue Danielle encounters in the allopathic medicine space through her work as a Physician Assistant
  • Why Natalie now rarely suggests that women refer to their primary care physician
  • The vast gap between allopathic and integrative providers leaves women confused and shortchanged
  • How the birth control pill has been put on a pedestal as a panacea for all female ills
  • Education around the importance of the menstrual cycle and the side effects of the pill is sorely lacking
  • Root causes are being ignored in favor of band-aid solutions
  • How insurance and healthcare systems have distorted our collective view of health
  • Putting integrative care into perspective
  • The cost-benefit analysis of getting quality, targeted healthcare
  • Prioritizing your health is critically important
  • Most women experience social conditioning that tells them to put everyone else first
  • Why most cycling women should avoid keto, intermittent fasting, and alcohol
  • No one can give you medical advice without knowing you and your specific circumstances
  • More is not always better, even if it’s natural
  • Nothing works for everyone
  • With virtual care available from many practitioners, geographical location is no longer a restriction
  • Our non-negotiables for our health
  • Why we’re so strict about our sleep schedules
  • You’ll either pay for health now or illness later


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