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June 26, 2023

Honoring and Preserving Ancestral Wisdom & Healing Traditions

with podcast guest

Panquetzani of Indigemama


Panquetzani honors the over 4,000-year-old traditions of her foremothers and integrates her 16 years of study into her practice. She comes from a matriarchal family of folk healers, growing up with bedtime stories of magic, miracles, and deep transformation. These impactful narratives have led Panquetzani to believe that all people have innate wisdom that can revolutionize their well-being and that of their families. As a holistic womb counselor, complete wellness coach, traditional birth attendant, and foundress of Indigemama: Ancestral Healing, her goal is to support, educate, inspire, and gently guide her clients and students.

In this conversation, Panquetzani and I explore the profound impact of traditional Mexican healing stories on her work, how colonialism tragically disrupted and eroded ancestral healing practices and wisdom across cultures, the current resurgence of traditional medicine, and the stark differences between mainstream health and Panquetzani’s unique approach, which is grounded in ancestral wisdom and guided by a holistic perspective.


  • Panquetzani’s background and Curandera lineage
  • The awakening that came when Panquetzani got pregnant
  • How colonialism has impacted ancestral healing practices and wisdom
  • The challenges of assimilating into US society as an immigrant
  • Traditional Mexican postpartum rituals
  • Celebrating transitions and milestones in our lives
  • How the Spaniards used Mesoamerican ceremonies and rituals to colonize the region better
  • Indigenous scientific research and observation of the body
  • Traditional medicine and fertility
  • Mesoamerican approaches to women’s health and techniques like vaginal steaming
  • The resurgence of traditional medicine
  • The importance of small, consistent preventative care practices
  • How chronic stress impacts the uterus
  • Adverse effects of Western medical prolapse treatments and Panquetzani’s success in reversing prolapse through traditional care
  • How a faja can be used for lifelong care
  • Pānquetzani’s vision for the expansion of ancestral healing to be accessible in every community


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