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Nicole Jardim Period Party Podcast

Many of us are chronically inflamed due to our diet and the stress in our lives. Many of us have conditions that have not been diagnosed. But what I think is most exciting is the fact that we can do a lot about it. The first step is getting to know what’s normal and what’s not and that’s what we’re covering in this episode.

This episode is a little different from the usual – I’m going solo! For the month of April, I’m so excited to take a deep dive into the period and hormone-related topics that have been the most problematic for you over the years. In these solo episodes, we’re going on a journey together and I’m answering your most pressing questions.

The inspiration for this season of solos is my first book, Fix Your Period, which will be out in the world on April 28th and is available now for pre-order (with some incredible bonuses worth over $500!). During this time, I want to give you practical and valuable information that will help move the needle on your health.

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Here are the highlights of what we cover during this episode: 

  • Distinguishing between a period and your menstrual cycle
  • Why you need to re-frame how you think about your period
  • How to figure out the length of your menstrual cycle
  • Why I want my clients to have a 25-35 day menstrual cycle
  • The implications of too-short or too-long cycles
  • Is it okay for your cycle length to fluctuate widely?
  • How can the Fix My Period 6-week program improve your menstrual health and fertility?
  • Why a 4-5 day period is generally ideal
  • How estrogen and progesterone levels work together to affect your period
  • What do short periods usually indicate?
  • Signs that you have a heavier or lighter than average period
  • What a normal period should look like
  • What common period irregularities indicate about your hormones
  • How to determine if your spotting is normal
  • Why you need to pay attention to your intuition and your body
  • What a normal bleeding pattern involves
  • Are PMS/PMDD and period pain inevitable?

Resources & Recommendations:

  • Nicole Jardim’s Book + Bonuses | Fix Your Period
    • Bonuses include:
      • Fix Your Period 14-day cleanse program
      • The audio version of the first chapter of the book
      • Fix Your Period workbook to use alongside the actual book
      • Period Toolkit that includes a series of ebooks on vaginal steaming, how to use CBD for your menstrual cycle problems, seed cycling, how to use castor oil packs to support your period and fertility, and how to live in harmony with your cycle

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