The Fix Your Period

Group Program with Nicole Jardim

Are you currently a health or life coach (or studying to be one) and want to specialize in women’s hormonal health?

Are you wanting to start your career as a women’s health coach, but not sure what’s the best way to learn?

Or perhaps you’re already a body work/massage therapist, nutritionist, doula, midwife, pelvic physical therapist or another kind of practitioner, and want to learn more about hormonal health so you can further help your clients?

I get emails and requests week after week from coaches and other practitioners who want me to help them do what I do. They want me to teach them about periods, hormones and fertility, give them advice on marketing, or send them referrals so they can get their first clients. I think this information is so important to get to as many women as possible, and that is why I launched my first apprenticeship program in early 2014.

It was such a massive success that I decided to make it an annual thing!

So, for the FIFTH year in a row, I am throwing open the doors to my brain and my business – and offering a limited number of spaces in my

This program is an immersive group experience that has been designed to transform you into a more knowledgeable and confident health coach or practitioner in just FIVE months. And it covers everything from women’s hormonal health theory and coaching skills to the basics in business setup, marketing and mindset.

I will teach you everything I know about hormones, periods, preserving fertility and women’s health, while simultaneously holding your hand as you start to create your business from scratch (or revamp your current business).




Author & Life Coach
Austin, TX


“My apprenticeship with Nicole far
exceeded my expectations!”

As someone who has had an active life coaching business specializing in women for a number of years and has been looking to understand women’s health and fertility from a holistic, scientific, and hands-on perspective, Nicole’s apprenticeship program has been nothing short of enlightening.

I initially became interested in hormonal health because of my own experiences with coming off the birth control pill and experiencing difficulty with gaining my cycles back regularly. As a coach who believes in holistic healing and the value of a strong mind-body connection in order to lead a fulfilling life, I instinctively knew that the way back to my menstrual health was through a holistic and natural approach.

Nicole supported me personally as I became my first client and furthermore helped me gain an acute understanding of how I can help other women heal from hormonal challenges ranging from PMS, PCOS, amenorrhea, and endometriosis, to name a few.

As a result, my view of women’s health changed dramatically and it has opened up the doors to connect with so many more women (& even my personal friends) on a more intimate and feminine level. If you are even thinking about doing an apprenticeship with Nicole, I would honestly say: sign up now. She is wonderful, knowledgeable and nurturing as a woman and a coach.



How will the apprenticeship work?

I just want to start by saying that as has been the case in previous apprenticeships, I plan to share everything I know about this industry. This group program is designed to get you working on your very first client –YOU. You will gain an understanding of your own body, as well as an appreciation for the client view of this work.

But every step of the way I will take you behind the curtain and show you HOW we came to those results – and therefore how to make the same analysis of your future clients.

We’ll start with a 75-minute APPRENTICESHIP GROUP KICKOFF CALL where I will break down how the apprenticeship will work over the next five months and what you can expect from the program. You can ask any questions you have and we’ll all get to know each other!

You will also receive 10 ADVANCED TRAINING MODULES that are designed specifically for practitioners and coaches who want to learn how to support their clients’ hormonal and overall health. Each module contains recorded audio lectures, handouts, and additional learning resources. Learn what each module contains below.

Then you’ll get unrestricted access to my complete FIX YOUR PERIOD 10-MODULE PROGRAM! This will expose you to the basic theories and knowledge of this work. (Want to know what the course covers? Keep reading, it’s just a little further down). You’ll receive one module roughly every two weeks during the 5-month program. Each module contains a webinar, handouts, protocols and other helpful resources.

I will host 5 GROUP TEACHING/Q&A CALLS where we discuss case studies, specific conditions and hormone testing to broaden your exposure to the most common conditions. We’l also cover coaching and how to coach. You will have ample opportunity to ask me any questions or discuss anything about hormonal health and coaching. It’s my favorite topic and one I’m incredibly passionate about, and I want to share all of my knowledge and passion with you. When I said you had access to my brain, I meant it – I’m not holding anything back!

I will hold 5 GROUP BUSINESS BUILDING WEBINARS that are all about the business side of coaching and important mindset work, because there’s no point in learning all of this if you don’t have clients! Some of the topics we’ll discuss…

  • How to sync your business with your menstrual cycle to tap into your unique female strengths
  • How to begin to design the business of your dreams
  • How do I set up a website?
  • What’s a mailing list, and how do I get one/build one?
  • What’s the best way to keep track of my finances?
  • How do I find my first clients?
  • Do I need a blog and how do I create one?
  • How do I promote my services successfully?
  • How do I uniquely brand myself and stand out from the crowd?
  • I will cover all of this and more – basic marketing, how to structure your day, how to get paid – basically, the essentials on how to get a business started and functional.

My co-host on these calls will be Molly Nichols a friend and colleague, and a successful fertility coach. We will bring our combined wealth of knowledge, vast experience with different types of businesses and nerd-love for technology to our calls.

PLUS! We will also be sharing additional business-building resources with you – videos, worksheets, how-to’s and exercises to make the boring biz stuff super-easy. We are all about breaking our big ideas down and making them as simple and easy to execute as possible. It will be super fun!

SMALL GROUP COACHING CIRCLES. At the beginning of the apprenticeship I will divide you up into small groups for more intimate coaching opportunities. This will build community and foster collaboration amongst all of you. I would not be where I am today without the support I’ve received from other amazing women in my world and I want you to have that too!

OPPORTUNITY TO CONTINUE WORKING WITH ME. After the apprenticeship, you’ll have a chance to continue working with me in a paid position as my assistant on one of my live Fix Your Period group programs (next program date is TBD). Details will be shared at a later date.

A LISTING IN MY DATABASE OF PRACTITIONERS. If you fully complete the apprenticeship, you will have the opportunity to be listed in my database of women’s health practitioners to help you build your clientele.

 Ellie Thomas


Holistic Nutrition Consultant


From the moment that I found out about the Fix Your Period Apprenticeship, I knew that this program was exactly what I would need if I wanted to specialize in holistic hormonal health. My world, health, and understanding of my body had been flipped upside down after going through Nicole’s Fix Your Period program, and I had a burning desire and newfound purpose to learn more and help other women that were scrounging for answers as I once was.

Fast-forward 3 years and I applied to the apprenticeship. I was in the very early planning stages of my business–I was trying to get my website and blog launched, and to figure out how to structure my practice once I finished my nutrition program.

Taking part in the Apprenticeship not only helped me launch my website and practice, but deepened my knowledge of my own body and the intricacies of women’s health. The program inspired confidence and compassion that has since allowed me to consult with women dealing with raging PMS and cramps, migraines, infertility and amenorrhea, acne, sleep issues, digestive distress, low energy, diabetes, weight loss, and more. But above all, my favorite part has been the deep connections that I made with other women who are dedicated to this field. We have formed true friendships and partnerships that I know will be there for years to come.



But wait – there’s more!


During the apprenticeship you will get to participate in teaching calls with leading experts in the coaching and women’s health industry (and friends of mine!).

Live Teaching call #1: Troubleshoot Your Period – Signs practitioners can look for that suggest menstrual problems or hormonal imbalances with Dr. Lara Briden, Naturopathic Doctor & Period Revolutionist

Live Teaching call #2: Harnessing the Moon Cycles to Maximize Your Personal & Business Potential with Jenn Racioppi, Women’s Health & Success Coach + Astrologer

Live Teaching call #3: Transformational coaching strategies that get results for your clients with Dr. Jessica Drummond, MPT, CCN, CHC Founder of the Integrative Women’s Health Institute

Live Teaching call #4: A functional approach to women’s thyroid & adrenal health with Dr. Aviva Romm, M.D., Midwife, Herbalist & Author of The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution

Live Teaching call #5: The Legal Side of Coaching + How to Protect Your Business with Lisa Fraley, the Legal Coach (Attorney + Health Coach)

Live Teaching call #6: Start With Story: Branding From the Inside Out with Stephanie Jiroch, Chief Brand Alchemist & Storyteller at BrandPsyche Strategies

Live Teaching call #7: Understanding the DUTCH hormone test with Dr. Carrie Jones, ND and Medical Director at DUTCH Test.

Once you sign up you’ll get all the details but seriously, these teaching calls are worth the cost of this apprenticeship alone!

Guest Blog Post

Once you have your website and email list set up, I will offer you YOUR OWN GUEST BLOG POST on after the apprenticeship ends. Yep, you will have the chance to write a blog post for my site on a topic of your choosing. This will help you get exposure for your own work and practice.

Facebook Group

And if you ever get stuck I’m available in our Fix Your Period ApprenticeshipFacebook group. Stuck on a theory? Want some quick advice? Feeling overwhelmed? Myself and my assistants will be in the group regularly so we’re easily accessible to you. Plus the other women in the apprenticeship (and past apprenticeships) are super supportive.


Yup, that’s right! At the end of the apprenticeship program I’ll choose one lucky lady to be a guest expert on the Period Party podcast that I cohost with Dr. Nat Kringoudis. This will be your moment to show off your brilliance and shine!!! I’ll award this opportunity to the participant who demonstrates a clear understanding of the content I share in the program and comes up with the most unique/interesting topic for the show. (Details will be shared at a later date).

Caroline Ashurst

Grace Ashurst

M.Ac, L.Ac. Acupuncturist
Women’s Health Coach


I took Nicole’s apprenticeship to expand my knowledge in women’s health, specifically related to functional medicine approaches to hormonal dysregulation. I am an acupuncturist, and I specialize in fertility and women’s health, and found that there was a missing link in my skillset with this demographic that I thought Nicole’s program would fill.

Upon embarking on Nicole’s Fix Your Period program, I was happily overwhelmed with the amount of coursework and information she offered us. I truly thought we could easily be in a 2 yr program with all of the wisdom we received.

The amount of education Nicole offered us through her actual program coursework, personal experience, and wisdom, was an incredible value that truly felt like a deeply worthy investment. Nicole holds nothing back! I feel like I have a wellspring of information to pull from for my clients.

I learned so much about nutrition and supplementation, both things that really matter to me in my practice. My clients have already been making leaps and bounds in their progress with my newfound offerings, and I am so happy that I took this journey with Nicole!


So within this

you get:

Arrow– A 75 min group introductory call at the beginning of the apprenticeship (April 9th or 10th)

Arrow– Access to my complete Fix Your Period online program & 10 Advanced Training Modules

Arrow– 5 live group calls focusing on how to setup and run a business

Arrow– 5 live group teaching/Q&A calls focusing on client case studies, specific conditions and any other health-related questions you have

Arrow– 7 live bonus teaching calls with industry experts

Arrow– 5 small group apprentice circle calls to build community + collaboration

Arrow– Your own guest post on (yes, this very site!)

Arrow– Additional business resources to make your life easier

Arrow– Access to both my private Apprenticeship AND Fix Your Period Client Facebook groups

Arrow– An opportunity to continue working with me beyond the apprenticeship

Arrow– A listing in my online database of women’s health practitioners to help build your clientele

Arrow– The opportunity to be a guest on The Period Party podcast with myself and Nat Kringoudis

P.S. I will record all calls and you’ll have access to the recordings and course material forever.



Health Coach
Boca Raton, FL


“I am so incredibly grateful for Nicole and the
apprenticeship program!! This experience
has been life changing.”

I signed up so I could learn how to effectively help other women in my coaching practice, and to learn how to balance my hormones while coming off the birth control pill. Nicole empowered me with the knowledge I needed to support and heal my own body and my clients’ bodies!

With so much joy and excitement I can say that my skin has been flawless and my periods have been regular since I got off the pill. For the first time I actually know what it feels like to have a healthy period. I also no longer suffer with migraine headaches, bloating, or cramps. I seriously feel like a new woman!! It’s awesome!!! I will NEVER go back on the pill and I feel so inspired and empowered to share what I have learned with other women.

The apprenticeship program was the perfect balance of education and learning how to heal your body naturally through food, how to effectively balance your hormones, the right supplements for your body, thyroid health and amazing guest experts.

This experience has been life changing and absolutely transformative. Nicole is not only an amazing coach, but I feel like I have gained a friend for life! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!!



There’s just one big question left

how much will it cost?

The investment for the 2019 apprenticeship program is US$3997 or 10 monthly payments of US$425. We have additional payment plans as well, so just send us an email at to find out more. Your first step is to apply for the program. See below. 

Are you ready to enroll?

Then don’t delay – this year’s apprenticeship program has fewer spots available than previous apprenticeships because I am currently writing a book and have limited time available – and I want to dedicate as much of it as I can to you! Just click on one of the APPLY NOW buttons below. You’ll be taken to the application page. Fill it out and submit, and we will be in touch within 24 hours with next steps.




The Fix Your Period online program (completely revised) has all of the content and information you need so that when you come to our group sessions you will have greater clarity about what to ask so you can get the answers and solutions you’re looking for. It contains 10 modules and a new module is released approximately every 10 days.

Included in the Fix Your Period 12-Week self-guided online program:

10 RECORDED WEBINARS – covers a wide range of topics and a new module is released approximately every two weeks
DETAILED HANDOUTS & HORMONE BALANCING PROTOCOLS – Packed full with insanely juicy, scientifically-based solutions that will provide the groundwork for you to create massive change in your health and your business
THE FIX YOUR PERIOD RECIPE E-BOOK – 80 pages of delicious and easy recipes that you and your hormones are guaranteed to love!
THE FIX YOUR PERIOD SHOPPING LIST – A comprehensive list of all the yummy foods you can start incorporating now.
ADDITIONAL SUPPORTIVE MATERIALS, LINKS & RESOURCES – my hand-picked resources for you!

INTRODUCTION – Create your vision for your best health & life
SESSION 1 – Food, Mood + Your Cycle: How food affects your body & hormonal health
SESSION 2 – What + how to eat to optimize your hormones. Plus what to avoid!
SESSION 3 – The effect of sugar & carbs on your menstrual health + how to balance your blood sugar
SESSION 4 – What’s your gut got to do with your period + how to upgrade your gut function!
SESSION 5 – Your adrenal glands + your sex hormones: Why you need to change the way you look at & manage stress
SESSION 6 – Exercise, self-care, fun + sex: Crucial elements for being wildly happy + healthy!
SESSION 7 – Hormone testing (learn how to understand it all) + supplements & herbal remedies
SESSION 8 – Rebalance your thyroid + detox your liver & gallbladder for supercharged hormonal health!
SESSION 9 – Menstruation Maven: Reclaim your monthly cycle to transform your life!
SESSION 10 – Implementation: Powerful steps to take your menstrual + reproductive health to the next level.

Advanced Training Program – There are 10 modules in this curriculum. If you’ve done the Fix Your Period 12-Week Self Guided Program, or you’d like to focus on more advanced information, then these are the modules for you. Each module contains 3-6 audio lectures (each 10-15 minutes long), handouts, and additional resources.

  • MODULE 1 – The Endocrine system & Hormones 101 + the 8 most common hormonal imbalances
  • MODULE 2 – The Most Common Conditions Associated with Hormonal Imbalance
  • MODULE 3 – How food affects hormones & how to eat for optimal hormonal balance
  • MODULE 4 – Blood sugar, insulin and your hormones
  • MODULE 5 – Gut health & your hormones
  • MODULE 6 – Adrenals & their connection to overall health
  • MODULE 7 – Thyroid & it’s Connection to Periods + Fertility
  • MODULE 8 – Female anatomy, ovarian function + menstruation
  • MODULE 9 – Detoxification – Liver & Gallbladder Function
  • MODULE 10 – Lab Testing & Supplements
We will be doing 1 Health & Wellness Q&A Call, 1 Business Building Webinar and 1 small group coaching call each month. We are doing our best to accommodate everyone who signs up for the apprenticeship, regardless of where they live so most calls will be held on a Tues, Wed or Thu between the hours of 3pm-8pm ET (New York time). We will make sure you have the opportunity to get on the majority of the live calls.

Excellent question! I have mapped out the basic topics that will get you online, taking payments and talking to your audience. While we know that some of you already have some experience with websites and businesses, I still recommend that you attend the calls as we aim to cover both basic and intermediate topics as time allows. Also, if you have an offline business these will help you make the jump to being online!

These topics are subject to change depending on group feedback, but we want to cover:

Month #1: A Feminine Business Structure. Learn the basics you need to make your business work online and offline for you.

  • How to structure your day to maximize efficiency and thrive in your business
  • How to sync your business with your menstrual cycle to tap into your unique female strengths
  • How to begin to design the business of your dreams
  • How to begin to be seen on a bigger level and authentically share your message with the world. (How do you want to share your unique message).

Month #2: Website & Writing.  Let’s get you functional – with a basic website that can take payments, and email list for people to subscribe to and what content you need to start – and what you don’t

    • Basic software that you need – how to track, talk to, get paid and book your clients – the truth about what you really need to get started!
    • Content creation 101 – website, social media, and creating content for others
    • How creating content supports you in creating an income

Month #3: Selling & Your Money Beliefs. How to begin to shift your money beliefs so that you can get paid what you’re worth

  • How to create aligned pricing for your coaching, products and programs.
  • How to begin growing your client base so you start making impact and income you desire
  • How money scarcity shows up and how to manage it in the moment
  • The truth of why people buy and heart-centered selling

Month #4: Staying the Course. How to keep motivated and moving forward when things don’t go as planned or overwhelm sets in.

  • How to shift your perception of failures
  • Compare and despair – why it happens and what we can do about it
  • How to continue when clients aren’t following your recommendations
  • How to release attachment to your client’s results
  • Specific tools for when fear and overwhelm set in

Month #5 – The Legal Side of Coaching & How to Protect Your Business with Lisa Fraley. Lisa will share the steps you need to take to make sure you are legally protected (business entities, insurance, terms and conditions, disclaimers and more)!

No – and that is important to know. While I have extensive training and have taught a number of apprentices myself, this program is yet to be officially certified or accredited. If you are serious about a health coaching career, then I strongly suggest you look at getting certified education. This apprenticeship is ideal to be studied in conjunction with other studies (and in fact will probably help you get through it!) or a lower-cost option to test out the career before you invest in longer, more expensive training programs. 

Additionally, if you are already a licensed or certified practitioner (massage, PT, therapist, yoga teacher etc.) and you want to learn more about hormonal health to help your current clients then this would be a great fit for you!

The investment for the 2019 apprenticeship program is US$3997 or 6 monthly payments of US$700. We have additional payment plans as well, so just send us an email at to find out more. 

The initial payment is due to secure your place in the program, and then the remaining payments will be charged to your credit card automatically every 30 days.

Yes absolutely. I am so confident in my program and your success that I am offering you a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you watch the webinars, do the assignments and listen in to the live group calls and you aren’t happy with your progress, then email me within 14 days from the start date of the program and I will fully refund you. In your refund request, you must explain why you would like a refund, and what you felt wasn’t satisfactory about the program. 

Just go ahead and click on one of the APPLY NOW buttons on this page! You will be taken to an application. Just fill it out and submit, and we will be in touch with you within 24 hours with the next steps. Super simple!

Do you have any other questions? Please let me know! Just email and my team will get back to you within 24 hours with answers. If you want to have a conversation about whether this is a good fit for you, let us know in your email and we’ll schedule a 15-minute consultation.


I can’t wait to take this
exciting and empowering
journey with you!!


Just go ahead and click on one of the APPLY NOW buttons below. You’ll be taken to the application page. Fill it out and submit, and we will be in touch within 24 hours with next steps. Super simple!
Do you have any other questions? Please let me know! Just email and either my team or myself will get back to you shortly with answers. If you want to have a conversation about whether this is a good fit for you, let us know in your email and we’ll schedule a 20-minute consultation.



Nutrition + Lifestyle Coach


I joined Nicole’s Apprenticeship program back in the winter of 2017. I wasn’t sure what to expect joining the program, figuring I’d get a general overview of hormonal health.

But I was SO wrong. I was truly amazed at the level of detail and education I was given.

I learned a tremendous amount of fascinating information on women’s hormonal health – something I had never been taught before. I felt my spirit rejoice – this was EXACTLY the type of information I was longing for both personally and professionally. Plus, it was something so many women NEEDED to know.

Nicole is exquisite- the level of in-depth knowledge she has for all things women’s health, fertility, hormones, reproductive cycles and periods is awesome. You can feel the passion in her program. She is also one of the most kind-hearted and genuine people I have crossed paths with ever in my life. She gave me the confidence to tackle my coaching programs from a different angle – and the education I needed to help support the women I coach in such an impactful way.

Nicole, what you do is like no other program out there. You get us. You support us, you cheer us on and give us all of the information you’ve learned throughout your training. I am eternally grateful for your program and how it changed the course of my personal life and my coaching career!


Rachel Eyre


Menstrual Health and
Fertility Specialist
Surrey, UK


“The quality of my blog output & webinars
has improved and I am now regularly invited to
guest post & speak on podcasts and summits.”

I’m a qualified women’s health professional and had admired Nicole’s work for a while before signing up to the apprenticeship. As I was already qualified in nutritional therapy and have a background in other women’s health therapies, I wasn’t entirely sure how beneficial it would be to me, but my gut told me to go for it!

I am delighted to say that I did sign up and I got so much out of the apprenticeship. A lot of what I had learnt about nutrition before was very traditional and not focused on women’s health or even optimal health. Nicole’s apprenticeship helped me not only join the dots on my previous nutrition knowledge but also gave me a whole new world of information at my fingertips.

The business building and mastermind group was also valuable and since completing the apprenticeship, I feel my knowledge and confidence has grown in leaps and bounds. My existing clients now have specialist nutritional advice along with the other therapies I offer and my online practice has grown.

I thoroughly enjoyed the programme, felt I got a lot out of it and Nicole is so friendly and personable, I really felt welcome in the Facebook group and in my communications with her. It was truly one of the best investments I have made in my training.



Certified Holistic
Health Coach
Philadelphia, PA


I started a successful coaching practice in Philadelphia, focusing on women’s health and wellness. More and more, I was seeing clear patterns of hormone imbalance, but was not totally confident in my ability to help my clients navigate these issues. I had been following Nicole’s blog for a few years and my gut told me that her Apprenticeship Program would be the missing educational piece I needed to elevate my offering and knowledge.

Not only do I feel so much more comfortable with hormones, I am more confident in my client meetings, and am able to grow my practice by offering this additional (and much needed!) help. I’ve worked with several women as they prepare for a healthy pregnancy, maintain a healthy pregnancy, manage PCOS and endometriosis, manage STRESS and high cortisol, and more. In fact, hormone imbalance mapping is usually one of the first things I do when I work with someone new – because it so powerful in the journey to health.

My favorite story so far, since working with Nicole, is a client who was trying to get pregnant for 5 years – in and out of fertility doctors and prescribed multiple medications and procedures. She had all but given up, and within a few months of working together, we got to celebrate her pregnancy together!

All in all – I never regretted spending the money on this program. In addition to massive knowledge, Nicole was an amazing, super-nice and down-to-earth host to the program, and the mastermind group I was a part of was a priceless support system (and will continue to be).