PP# 162: Want to have a healthy baby someday? Here’s stuff you need to know. With Dr. Victoria Maizes

Dr. Victoria Maizes, the Executive Director of the Weil Center for Integrative Medicine and a Professor of Medicine, Family Medicine and Public Health at the University of Arizona. Internationally recognized as a leader in integrative medicine, Dr. Maizes is committed to helping individuals live healthier lives and she is the author of Be Fruitful: [...]

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PP# 161: Mold/Hidden Infections & How They Wreck Hormones with Dr. Jessica Peatross

Dr. Jessica Peatross is a western-trained medical doctor who is passionate about teaching people how to be their own best doctor by educating themselves and listening to their body. Dr. Jess believes that personalized, preventative, and functional treatment plans are the next step to revolutionize healthcare. In this episode, we talk about common sources [...]

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PP# 159: Vaginal Steaming with Marina Schroeder

Marina Schroeder is a women’s health coach and the author of Ignite Your Inner Goddess, a #1 Amazon Hot New Release. Marina is on a mission to empower women to optimize their feminine health, honor the rhythm of their natural cycle, reclaim their connection with their feminine essence and their own creative superpowers, and [...]

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PP# 158: Why Fertility is a Team Sport with Gabriela Rosa

Gabriela Rosa is a world-renowned fertility specialist and the founder and clinical director of the Rosa Institute, an organization dedicated to helping couples create healthy babies, despite previous reproductive challenges. Since 2001 Gabriela and her team of clinicians blend evidence-based science into a holistic, supportive and education-focused approach to fertility treatment. In this episode, [...]

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PP# 156: Solving HPV Naturally and for Good with Dr. Doni Wilson

Dr. Doni Wilson is a naturopathic doctor, certified professional midwife, and certified nutrition specialist. Author of The Stress Remedy, Dr. Doni redefines stress to include toxins, food sensitivities, and imbalanced blood sugar levels, and then offers expert guidance on how to reclaim optimal health. Dr. Doni is also is the creator of a health transformation [...]

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PP# 154: Is Hormonal Birth Control Impacting Your Ability to Lose Weight with Laurie King

Laurie King is a nutrition coach, educational blogger, and total badass about hormonal birth control and your body weight. Laurie graduated from Illinois State University with a bachelor’s degree in Food, Nutrition, and Dietetics. Her nutrition coaching specialties include women’s health, hormones, hormonal birth control, and hypothyroidism. In this episode, we talk about the [...]

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PP# 153: Change Leadership in Maternal Healthcare with Dr. Amber Price

Dr. Amber Price is a practicing nurse-midwife, a hospital administrator, and an expert on the patient experience for women of childbearing age. She is passionate about Respectful Maternity Care and Change Leadership in maternal health. Dr. Price currently serves as Chief Operating Officer of a Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Nashville, where she works [...]

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