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Melissa Ramos Period Party Podcast

Melissa Ramos is the founder and whip-smart women’s health expert behind Sexy Food Therapy, where she helps women balance their hormones and digestion for regular periods (and poops)! As a nutritionist with a background in Chinese medicine, she uses a three-pronged approach of nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle changes to help her clients heal.

In this episode, we talk about the relationship between copper and estrogen levels, how copper imbalance can lead to hormonal and emotional issues, why you should be focused on examining the cause of hormonal imbalance before treating the symptoms, and so much more!

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Here are the highlights of what we cover during this episode: 

  • Why Melissa became interested in the area of copper toxicity
  • The correlation between copper and estrogen levels
  • The hormonal issues that arise from excess copper being stored in the liver and brain
  • Why copper toxicity usually results in both a deficiency and excess of copper in the body
  • Common symptoms of copper toxicity
  • Using hair mineral analysis to test copper levels
  • Risk factors which can lead to copper toxicity
  • The difference between bioavailable and biounavailable copper
  • The connection between copper and zinc
  • The importance of mineral balancing and heavy metal detoxification
  • Why Melissa focuses on examining the causative factors that lead to hormonal imbalance
  • The link between copper imbalance and emotional and psychological issues
  • How to safely remove copper from the body
  • Why heavy metal detoxification should not be the first step in the removal process

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