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Sarah Hill Period Party Podcast

Dr. Sarah Hill is a leading researcher in the dynamic and rapidly expanding field of evolutionary psychology and the author of This Is Your Brain on Birth Control. We’ll be discussing hormonal birth control and how it impacts our mental health, amongst many other aspects of our health.

In this episode, we talk about Sarah’s personal experience with taking the pill, how her life changed after coming off the pill, the reason more women aren’t aware of the full spectrum of potential side effects of the pill, how the pill affects your choice of partner, the potential impact of coming off the pill on your relationship, and so much more!

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Here are the highlights of what we cover during this episode: 

  • The evolutionary psychology framework
  • Research areas that Sarah focuses on
  • The evolutionary attraction to more symmetrical faces
  • Sarah’s internal disconnection while she was taking the pill
  • How Sarah’s feelings and behaviors changed when she stopped taking the pill
  • Why Sarah decided to do a deep dive into research about the effects of the pill
  • The personal quest for information that evolved into This Is Your Brain on Birth Control
  • Why most women are not aware of the full spectrum of potential side effects of the pill
  • The surprising effect the pill can have on who you choose as a partner
  • What the pill can do to your attractiveness to others
  • Why coming off the pill can negatively impact your relationship
  • The difficulties with talking about the negative aspects of the pill
  • Why we shouldn’t be afraid to talk about the impact of sex hormones on the brain
  • The positive conversations that have opened up as a result of the book
  • What you should consider before deciding whether the pill is the right choice for you
  • Sarah’s recommendation for troubleshooting potential issues on the pill

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