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Dr. Patrick Flynn Period Party

Dr. Patrick Flynn is the founder of The Wellness Way, a growing network of 50+ health care clinics across the United States focusing on hormones, allergy testing, and more. Dr. Flynn is an international speaker and author, but still maintains that he is a “simple, country boy who loves what he does.”

In this episode, we talk about how diet can contribute to behavioral issues, common misunderstandings around triggers and treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, why we should be focusing on causal factors for health issues, why proper hormone testing is essential, and so much more!

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Here are the highlights of what we cover during this episode: 

  • How poor childhood health drove Dr. Flynn to dive deep into the connection between health and hormones
  • Flynn’s childhood symptoms that led to his designation as a juvenile delinquent
  • How diet affects neurotransmitter production and can contribute to behavioral issues
  • Common misunderstandings around triggers and treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Flynn’s experience with infertility and how his wife was able to have four successful pregnancies
  • Why we should focus on the causal factors leading to women’s health issues, rather than just the issue itself
  • The surprising fact about endometriosis testing by medical professionals
  • Why proper testing is so important in early diagnosis and effective treatment of women’s health issues
  • The number one factor that causes hormonal imbalance in women
  • What men need to keep their testosterone levels balanced

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