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When did having babies become so stressful? You’ve been dreaming of tiny UGG’s and pinning pictures of cute little ones, yet now that you pulled the goalie things just aren’t panning out the way you thought it would. But that’s ok, life is kind of like that. We come up with all these expectations for ourselves, we plan, we prep, we do everything that we are “supposed” to be doing, yet in the end, the world does what it will. Sounds scary, but it’s actually incredibly beautiful. It doesn’t mean a petit bebe isn’t in your future, I’m actually a big believer that it is, but sometimes you just gotta stop trying so hard and start letting things happen. Sometimes you need to be OK with where you are right now and be open to everyday miracles. That’s what this yoga practice is for.













Child’s Pose for Stimulating Reproductive Organs

So let’s start out in a nice, relaxed child’s pose. Let your forehead sink into the ground, let your body fall into your mat. Feel the earth hold you and embrace you. Feel the beat of your heart and notice the sound of your breathing. This is your nervous system, keeping you alive, pumping your blood, giving you oxygen. This is what your body does for you all day every day just for you. Find a tiny moment of gratefulness to marvel at your body and the amazing things it does for you every step of the way. Acknowledge your ability to heal, to love, to have so much love in your life that you want to spread that out to the world. This is a beautiful thing. Breathe it in. Now take a moment to think about this pose, it’s doing so much more for you than allowing you to be. Forward folds find a way of caressing that secondary system of yours: Your endocrine system. Your ovaries, your fallopian tubes, your uterus, and your cervix are all getting a nice little massage in thanks for all the hard work they’ve been doing. Let the pose work its magic. Find your breath.

Bound Angle Pose to Increases Circulation to your Pelvis

Roll up slowly to a seated position and bring the palms of your feet to touch. Pull the crown of your head toward the sky and root your sit bones down into the earth. Imagine your body as a tree, with deep roots taking hold of the earth, feeding you with grounding energy. Now imagine reaching your branches toward the heavens, your head extending into the clouds. This pose starts the work of opening your hips and your pelvis as well as increasing circulation to your reproductive organs.

Bridge Pose for Hormonal Balance

Now fall down onto your back, bring your heels to your hands, and push your pelvis up into bridge pose. You can also place a block beneath your lower back for supported bridge. Getting your heart above your head has amazing effects, not just for your blood, but for the hormones circulating in your body. Circulating estrogens have a chance to find equilibrium, and your body has space to find calm and surrender.

Hip Openers for Relieving Stress

Let’s keep the hip openers going by placing your left ankle onto your right knee. Use your hands to hug your right knee into your chest. Your hips are opening and stretching, preparing to allow things to happen as they will. All stress and negativity stores itself in your hips. We hold our hips tightly all day clinging onto that negative energy and allowing ourselves to believe it. We block ourselves off emotionally to even the things that we want for ourselves. Happiness, healing, children. Use this time to get in touch with your desire. Think about what you want and then remind yourself that you are open to whatever comes your way. You are ready.

Supta Baddha Konasana for Opening your Endocrine System

Release and bring the palms of your feet to touch, set your left hand to your heart and your right hand to your belly. Let your hips be open. Allow all that frustration, those feelings of inadequacy, to roll away. Instead, imagine your hips opening to the unknown, to the possibility of miracles, to the beauty of new life. Let go of the struggle, let your body be, let your body heal, let your body open up to the world around you. You are a beautiful, fertile being and your body is a beacon of light in this world. You are full of power and energy, and the world around you can sense it. Be open, open your heart to what may come. Don’t strain for it, just be open. Stop trying to grab the world with both hands and instead let the world come to you.

Legs up the Wall to Calm Your Nervous System and Let the Love In

Finally, relax with your legs up a wall (also a great pose for after sex!) Be a vessel. Your body is perfect, beautiful, just as it is, and it’s time you take a second to remember that. Think about your head, neck, legs, spine. Now think about your endocrine system. Second only to your nervous system, your endocrine system has held a lot of your burden, release it. Love it. Place your hands below your belly button just above your pubic bone and on an inhale fill that space up with love, acceptance, and gratefulness. On an exhale, empty your system of negativity, burden, and exhaustion. Repeat the cycle. Fill your reproductive organs with love and devotion. Empty them of their burden. Let the love in.

Hi! I’m Elle! I am a wellness coach and yoga instructor in gorgeous Marin County, California. My life’s work is to inspire happier, healthier lives through my three-month wellness revolutionyoga where you want it, and my blog. There’s more to good health than what you eat and how you sweat. Find out what YOU need to lose weight, ditch depression, fight fatigue, and balance your hormones!