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This week I am the featured guest on the Ambitious Entrepreneur Radio Show with Annemarie Cross! Check it all out below! 🙂

[Episode #112] Women Business Owners – Are your hormones in balance? With Nicole Jardim

The topic today is one I’ve not yet covered on the show, however it’s a subject that I believe is very important. Especially if you are a woman in business and you have health issues that surface for you regularly – in fact, each and every month, without fail!

In fact, if you’re a male this may be a show you recommend your wife or female partner listens to, as my guest and I are speaking all about women’s business today.

As women, we know we are very complex beings, and that life and business, can certainly have its ups and downs. And, for some of us, we can find we can struggle a lot more because of our hormones. It’s not easy to build a successful business if you’re health and vitality are low.

My guest today is Nicole Jardim.

Nicole is a Women’s Health Coach and chief period fixer-upper at The Healthy Elements, the business she founded in 2010 to help women reclaim their hormonal health and feminine vitality naturally. She is the creator of Fix Your Period, a series of programs that empower women to heal their menstrual conditions in a fun and sassy way.

On today’s show, Nicole is going to share her wisdom so you can:

  • Learn about underlying hormonal imbalances and what you can do to fix them
  • Understand your unique feminine body better so you know exactly when you are ovulating
  • Learn about the true causes of PMS and that it’s not all just in their head!

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Further resources you can access:

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The importance of B complex vitamins for women.

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The thyroid gland and its effect on sex hormones.

Interesting statistics:

  • “Seventy-five percent of women suffer from headaches, mood swings, bloating, and other problems that threaten their relationships, work life, and well-being.”

  • Women who suffer from PMS symptoms consume 275% more sugar than women who don’t have PMS symptoms.

Enjoy the show!

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