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Its a little scary to think that in terms of caloric density (plain old amount of calories), a pack of oreos and 10 pounds of vegetables  are exactly the same. Okay, so this is not all I learned today but it certainly is a striking image don’t you think?  Which do you think will satisfy you?  Amazingly not everyone would answer the veggies…I know, I know, how could anyone even think otherwise right?  That is just one of the reasons why America needs health coaches!

Andrea Beaman, a very successful graduate of IIN gave a lecture and cooking lesson today in class.  At 28 she was diagnosed with “incurable” thyroid disease and decided to forgo the standard slew of pharmaceuticals that her doctor was prescribing, opting instead to completely overhaul her diet.  Incredibly, her doctor told her that her diet had nothing to do with her thyroid disease!  It took her two years to get her thyroid back to normal but as I always tell people, it takes your whole life to create the illnesses you have so it naturally takes a long time to fix them.

As a nation we are so hypnotized by medications and operations that we have forgotten about the body’s innate ability to heal itself. All we have to do is give it a chance…and some real, whole food of course! 🙂