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Chris Bobel Period Party Podcast

Chris Bobel is the Associate Professor of Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies at the University of Massachusetts Boston. Her scholarship lies at the intersection of social movements, gender, health, and embodiment. She is the author, most recently of The Managed Body: Developing Girls and Menstrual Health.

In this episode, we talk about the main aspects of the menstrual movement, how menstrual stigma affects women worldwide, what we can do to support the menstrual movement, the problem with the current focus of the menstrual movement, and so much more!

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Here are the highlights of what we cover during this episode: 

  • What Chris discovered about the menstrual movement through her research
  • The two main pieces of the menstrual movement
  • How the menstrual movement has changed in its most recent iteration
  • The product focus of the modern menstrual movement
  • Why Chris is frustrated with the current priorities of the menstrual movement
  • The areas Chris believes the menstrual movement should be focused on
  • How menstrual stigma affects women and girls worldwide
  • Why we should take a more inclusive and research-based approach to menstrual hygiene management the Global South
  • How consumers can support the menstrual movement
  • Chris’ thoughts on the documentary End of Sentence.
  • Why we need to think about menstruation much more broadly
  • The benefits of including menstrual education in schools

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