A very wise Chinese doctor once told me that all physical aches and pains in our bodies originate in the feet. I feel like that could almost be an old Chinese proverb. At the time I didn’t believe him, but then again I was only 21 and had never lived in New York City 🙂

Everyone I know has at least one or two pairs of Uggs. I had resisted buying a pair forever because I couldn’t get past the ugliness (pun intended) of them! That is, until January of this year when we had record snow fall and temperatures to match. It was on one of those particularly cold mid-January days that I decided to check out the Uggs website. I was determined to find the prettiest pair possible because giving up my cute boots and shoes in the name of warmth and comfort – GASP – was not part of the plan!

As soon as I sank my feet into the cutest pair I could find at the store I understood that this was a choice I had to make! How had I lived without them for so long? I literally could not take them off. And up until last week when it was still freezing in New York (what happened to the old saying about Spring coming in like a lion and out like a lamb? I see no lambs here) I still hadn’t really taken them off. I totally and completely get the obsession now and I don’t care if they are ugly!

Cold temperatures aside, I didn’t realize how much my feet hurt on a daily basis until I wore these boots. They are literally like walking around on marshmallows. I recently wore them to an appointment with my podiatrist and he said “I bet you wore those just so I wouldn’t scold you for wearing bad shoes”. Ha, not really doc. I actually like them much more than all my other shoes.

He then told me some pretty startling things about what our shoes do to our feet, especially in a city like this, where we are constantly pounding the pavement. Did you know that high heels lead to bunions, heel pain, toe deformities, ingrown toenails, shortened Achilles tendons, and trapped nerves? In fact, women account for about 90% of the nearly 800,000 operations each year for bunions, hammertoes and trapped nerves, and most of these surgeries can be linked back to their high-heeled shoe choice. The problems can travel upward, too. The ankle, knee, and hip joints can all suffer from your footwear preferences. Hello osteoarthritis! And did you know that with all the technology in the world, there is still no way to fix a damaged nail bed. Once the damage is done, that’s it sister!

After that mini wake-up call I went home and did a little research on cute, comfortable shoe options, because now that my feet hurt so much less I couldn’t bear the thought of going back to the pre-Ugg pain. I was surprised by what I found. Take a look at the brands Earthies and Sofft and see for yourself. Are there any other brands out there that you like??

How about these Sofft shoes from Macys. Totally doable right? You can thank me for doing the research later! 🙂

In the meantime if you just can’t give up those 4-inch spike heels then make reflexology a part of your life.  It does wonders for sore feet and might actually make you question your next shoe purchase!