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This is a guest post written by the lovely Jessica Stone, creator of, a site dedicated to seriously healthy recipes that don’t skimp on taste!

When I met Nicole at CRAVE, a gathering of women-owned businesses, I knew she was onto something.  Nicole stands out in the sea of health coaches and was talking about something very close to my heart: my period.

My own journey to healthier eating was partly inspired by my monthly visitor, or rather, my not-so-monthly visitor.  Irregular periods messed up my schedule, my skin, and my moods.  That is, until I started learning about how the foods I was putting in my body were negatively affecting my hormones.  The big culprit for me had always been sugar – I loved dessert so much, I even trained as a pastry chef.

I’ve always been fitness conscious, so I never became overweight, but the unwelcome results were happening on the inside – to the point where one doctor wanted to put me on Metformin, a diabetes drug.  I was only 34.  Shocked, I did something else – I researched everything I could about how sugar was affecting my body and realized I needed to start eating foods with a low-glycemic load, curb my fat intake, and up my fiber. The results were so quick, it was miraculous: my cycle straightened itself out, my skin became clearer, and I became a believer.

While I still battle a sweet tooth, it’s no longer an all-out war.  And I turned my newfound nutrition knowledge and long-standing love of the kitchen into something else: a passion for creating simple recipes that make my hormones very happy.  Big-time bonus:  they’re all period friendly!  You’ll find them all on my site, Green Appetite.

Here’s a handful of favorites just in time for summer slimming.

Dulce de Leche bars

Getting your sweet fix doesn’t have to involve refined sugar.  You’ll love these creamy concoctions as a dessert straight out of the freezer.


Lazy sushi

When you’re craving sushi rolls without the high-glycemic load of white rice, try this ridiculously easy toss-and-eat version.


Zippy zucchini hummus

A welcome change of pace from bloat-inducing beans, pack this on your next picnic for happy dipping.


Milkshake hacking

A low sugar, low fat, high-energy swap for the usual ice-cream laden summer treat.


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Jessica StoneJessica Stone is a writer, trained chef, and the creator of — filled with healthy recipes and inspiration for eco-conscious food lovers.