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Marina Ollero is a women’s sexuality coach and the founder of In a Woman’s Body, a global platform & movement created for women who want to feel empowered and connected to our bodies through learning about female sexuality. Marina hopes that by building hidden knowledge about female sexuality and creating empathic & supportive spaces for women to talk about their sexual experiences we can empower women in our bodies, and through it end the sexual harassment in the world.

In this episode, Marina and I talk about her mission to end sexual harassment, the connection between sexual empowerment and sexual violence, the huge potential created by empowering women, how you can start connecting with your sexuality, what the journey of healing around sexual empowerment looks like, and so much more!

This is not a topic we’ve covered before with any depth and I’m so curious to hear what you think about it. Share your thoughts on Instagram and tag me @NicoleMJardim.

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Here are the highlights of what we cover during this episode: 

  • Marina’s mission to end sexual harassment
  • How Marina started exploring her sexuality and what it means to be in a woman’s body
  • The traumatic experience that moved Marina to start her work to end sexual harassment
  • Why it’s critical to define what sexual harassment means
  • The connection between sexuality and sexual violence
  • The huge potential created by empowering women
  • How negative associations with our sexuality develop
  • The effects of feeling shame around our sexuality
  • Practices and tools you can use to start connecting with your sexuality
  • Signs that you may not feel safe in your relationship and how to come back to a place of safety with your partner
  • Why sexual empowerment is important in the fight against fear and sexual harassment
  • What the journey of healing around sexual empowerment looks like
  • How you can start to embody this new way of being

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