Natural, Organic Cotton Period Products

No toxins!

Picture courtesy of Maxim Hygiene

I met Rebecca from Maxim Hygiene a couple of months ago and we hit it off instantly. We are both on a similar mission of empowering women through natural period health so of course we were going to be immediate BFF’s!

Rebecca told me the story about how Maxim Hygiene began and I knew I had to try the products. There aren’t tons of feminine hygiene products on the market that can make the claims this lovely lady does about her products. Here’s what you need to know about Maxim Hygiene products:

:: Made with 100% Certified Organic & Natural Cotton
:: Chlorine/Dioxin Free
:: Synthetic Free
:: Wood Pulp Free
:: Hypoallergenic/Irritation Free
:: Eco-Friendly & User-Friendly

I don’t know about you gals but I definitely don’t want anything other than natural organic products anywhere near my lady parts. Especially when you consider the scary statistics on the chemicals that are used to produce most feminine care products. Here’s a  breakdown of what you should know:

:: About 90% of materials used to make traditional pads/liners are PLASTIC, polluting our environment forever
:: Other ingredients include bleached wood pulp, man-made chemically-created materials and bleach/dioxins
:: 70 MILLION menstruating women in N. America will use approx. 17,000 disposable pads/tampons each in their lifetime

Yup, that’s the not-so-perfect picture of those “perfectly” white pads and tampons you might be using. Obviously I try to avoid chemicals that are going to mess with my hormones as much as possible. One of those chemicals is bleach.What makes it really bad is it’s by-product, Dioxin. It is a residue of the chlorine bleaching process and is a well-known carcinogen and endocrine disruptor. It is considered to be one of the mostly dangerous chemicals and has been banned in many countries including the European Union.

This residue can stay in the fibers of feminine care products which you are putting in or next to your body, leading to prolonged exposure to this toxic substance. Dioxin settles in the fat cells of our bodies and stays there for the rest of our lives, building up over time, so increased exposure means increased risk.

The issues below are all related to conventional pads and tampons. If you’re concerned about or dealing with any of these issues then the Maxim Hygiene line of products might be for you!

:: Allergic reactions causing an itchy or raw feeling
:: Vaginal dryness (tampons)
:: Concerns about TSS (tampons)
:: Tampons causing more cramps or increased flow
:: Uncomfortable to wear

Okay enough of the gloom and doom. Let’s get to the goods! I got to try out the Organic Classic Contour Pads and the Organic Applicator Tampons.


PadsOkay so the pads. I find myself wearing pads more and more these days. I like the idea of things flowing, rather than getting stopped halfway down the line. Many many women have told me that pads make them itchy and even give them yeast infections. This is because conventional pads are made of plastic and wood pulp. Hello, gross. The Maxim pads felt amazing! I know, I totally just said that. LOL But they did and they lasted forever. I literally used 2 a day on my heaviest days. I was super impressed with how well they stood up and how much they absorbed. AND, they don’t have wings which concerned me at first but I didn’t even need them. They get an A+ from me! P.S. They do have an ultra-thin with wings option if you’re looking for that.

TamponsAnd the tampons. I have never had a good experience with cardboard applicator tampons. I’ve always felt like I’m being stabbed – I’m sure you get my point so I’ll spare you the details. This is a complaint I hear from so many women who want to switch to natural tampons but can’t because of the applicator. Well, I’ve got news! The Maxim tampons are literally the first cardboard applicator tampons I’ve used that actually do have a soft, rounded tip for easy use. They even felt like a plastic applicator tampon. They get a serious thumbs up from me! P.S. They also offer tampons without applicators too!



I’ve got even more good news. Rebecca and the crew over at Maxim were generous enough to donate FREE products for me to give away to all of you! 

The first 25 participants to enter this giveaway will instantly win a combo trial pack of Maxim Hygiene Products and ONE lucky grand prize winner will win their choice of FOUR Maxim Hygiene products.

Giveaway Rules: (I’m a rule breaker but these ones can’t be broken unfortunately). You must be at least 18 years old and a US resident to enter the giveaway. The contest runs from Tuesday May 7th 2013 – Tuesday May 14th 2013.

You have three ways to enter:

1. Tweet about the giveaway (you can do this as often as you like).

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