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Staying organized and productive so your adrenal glands will love you…that’s the name of the game!

Today is the day that you get to see my first vlog! LOL can you believe I am only now getting in on this video thing? Yeah I know, get with the 21st century Nicole…I look super dorky too, it’s hilarious!

I got to talk with the AMAZING Natasha Vorompiova, the Systems Chick. She is the woman behind a company called Systems Rock…and yes she helps you implement systems in your business so you don’t have to stress and worry and freak out anymore. Before I worked with Natasha I was feeling like a hot mess. I felt scattered and all over the place and I didn’t ever feel like I was having a productive day. My cortisol levels were totally sky high. Ya know what I mean? Natasha shares THREE awesome practices to implement NOW into your day so you can turn the overwhelm into whelm. Yum, sounds good! I mean seriously, look at the smile on my face!

What are your best practices for reducing crazy work/business stress?? I wanna know!!

Oh and if you want to learn even more ways to reduce the overwhelm then get your butt into my 4-Week Fix Your Period Program starting on Wednesday. I’m still looking for a few good women 🙂