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Five to seven days before my period I get the most intense cravings for sugar, chocolate, or whatever the hell kinda carbs I can get my hands on!  Alas, it is THAT time of month again and the craving monster has reared it’s ugly head yet again.

I refuse to give in so today I decided to create a Strawberry Short-Rice Cake dessert/snack.  It totally killed the cravings and I’m all good, at least until tomorrow ;).

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BTW, I am aware that strawberries are not yet in season but they looked so good (even after traveling 1000 miles from Florida) that I couldn’t resist them. And it’s the first time this winter that I’ve actually craved strawberries – must be a sign that summer is getting near! LOL

This is beyond easy to make. Just grab a plain Brown Rice Cake (or any flavor rice cake), cut up a couple of strawberries and place them on it.  Drizzle a little agave nectar or honey on top and voilá, a yummers guilt-free healthy dessert/snack.