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Ellie Thomas Period Party Podcast

Ellie Thomas is a Holistic Nutrition Consultant & Transformational Coach who provides support to her clients as they overcome the mental, emotional, and physical health barriers that are holding them back from living a life they always imagined for themselves. She believes that stabilizing and nourishing the body allows us to visit and heal deeper aspects of our being, and that true health goes beyond the food.

In this episode, we talk about something that I believe all women need to hear, which is that often times we have a tendency to get stuck in a place of helplessness or victimhood when it comes to our health but we can break out of that destructive mindset and take our power back and take control of our health, and live from that place a little more each day. Ellie shares the struggles she had with her health and how she ended up in a place of hopelessness and her journey to empowerment, the steps you can take to reframe how you think about your symptoms, how you can benefit from working with a coach, the cleansing power of your period, and so much more!

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Here are the highlights of what we cover during this episode: 

  • Why Ellie has had to do some extra nervous system work recently
  • How hopelessness showed up in Ellie’s health journey
  • Reframing how you think about your symptoms
  • The first step you can take to move out of a place of helplessness
  • The bigger impact of the judgments we make on our bodies
  • How does Ellie open the conversation with women who’ve lost all hope
  • You don’t need to go through your journey alone
  • The cleansing power of your period
  • How masking and repressing your emotions can manifest physically
  • Signs that you might be out of touch with yourself
  • How to start checking in with yourself
  • Putting aside perfectionism and self-judgment
  • What treating yourself with gentleness looks like

Resources & Recommendations:

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