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Christine Garvin Period Party Podcast

Christine Garvin, MA, NE, is a Whole Health Coach based in Asheville, NC. She weaves together her personal health journey – including a fibroid surgery that went terribly wrong – with her training in holistic health, nutrition, and hormones to help women heal their gut and achieve hormonal balance.

In this episode, we talk about how fibroids develop, the non-surgical route Christine recommends for shrinking your fibroids and reduce your symptoms, the connection between fibroids and your hormones, and so much more!

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Here are the highlights of what we cover during this episode: 

  • How Christine’s discovery of a fibroid turned into a life-threatening episode
  • What is a fibroid?
  • The shocking percentage of women who develop fibroids
  • Signs you may have fibroids
  • How to work with fibroids before taking the surgical route
  • The connection between fibroids and hormone imbalance
  • Why diet is so important in managing fibroids
  • Getting your microbiome in check
  • Emotional and energetic aspects of fibroids
  • Relieving fibroid symptoms through non-surgical interventions
  • How long does it usually take to see results from non-surgical interventions?
  • When should you consider taking the surgical route?

Resources & Recommendations:

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